Play Dragon Tiger

Online Dragon Tiger: 5 Tips on How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

The online casino takes the greater trend among all the categories of online games whether we talk about its wide variation or greater opportunities or benefits it takes larger popularity among all the players online. It provides better quality and advantages as compared to real casinos, as the players get to play with the convenience of sitting back home, reducing the points of waiting in line for their turn to play. Hence, there are various online casino websites, like M88 mansion 88myr, are being developed in order to enable all versatile features of live casino.

While we are talking about all the variations in casino games, one is taking more popularity recently. Dragon Tiger, with its more interesting format and quick play, is attracting more people lately. Being another card game it provides wide chances for winning and profits to the players. Although, the game requires its own format, rules, instructions, and guidelines. 

Let us look into some of the main rules involved in the game:

  • The game of Dragon Tiger is played with the format of using 52 cards deck, with the dealer making the following use of a shoe containing 6 or 8 numbers of cards.
  • The main betting categories in the game are Dragon, Tiger, or even Tie.
  • The King is described to be the highest card while on the other hand, Ace ranked as the lowest.
  • As per the dealing, the lower card loses while the highest wins the game.
  • With the value deciding the game, the card suit contains no rules in the game of Dragon Tiger.

How to Play Dragon Tiger Online?

After going through the whole concept of Dragon Tiger, let us now take a look at the ways that could help to make our game better. The following strategies are being discussed below:

1.Try Not to Make Tie Bets:

Firstly, make sure that you are avoiding playing with the tie bets. As these bets are riskier as compared to the other format of the game of Dragon Tiger. It could be more appealing in the eyes of the players as it offers more rewards. But the chances of tie bets to hit are very slim. So, it suggested that you avoid these types of bets in the game and aim to win.

2.Switch the Patterns:

Secondly, make sure that you are adopting a compelling strategy for your effective play in the game. Making an impactful strategy is the core point of any game, no matter the game of chance of mind, same is the case with Dragon Tiger. Although, it is also necessary to switch your patterns of the game when it comes to this category of game. Doing over with the patterns you already won over in a row enhances the chances of winning again. 

3.Be Familiar with the Payouts:

Next, you will to the point where it is essential to be aware of the payouts in the game. Studying the payouts prepares you for the rewards or amount you are about as compared to the extent you are willing to invest in the game. So, make sure that you are going through the payout in order to enhance your game while looking forward to a great benefit in the game of online Dragon Tiger. 

4.Look up to the Dealer:

As per the format of the game, you are competing with dealers, so it is important to keep a close eye on the moves of the dealers in accordance with your style of play. It has the chance in the game that some dealers sneakily take over your strategy and you won’t even notice. So it is better to follow the moves of the dealer closely and make your tactics more impactful as compared to his play. 

5.Know Your Budget and Set Your Limit:

Another point that could make your game wiser is to set the limit for your investment. It is crucial to set yourself a budget and then start in order to avoid the losses you cannot afford. Hence, make sure that you set an appropriate limit to your deposit, in the form of your bankroll management, and then place your bet in the game of online Dragon Tiger.


Hence, we could say that it is necessary to make sure that you are familiar with all the basic points that could enhance the quality of the game while playing Dragon Tiger. Whether it is about avoiding the tie bets, going through the payouts, or even setting yourself a budget is essential to keep all the facets in mind to target great wins. So, to use all the upgraded features of the online casino website, like handicap 0 88myr, make sure that you look through all the highlighted strategies, and attain more profitable benefits.