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How to Get Promotional Products Free Samples in India 2022?

Who does not love free products? It feels like receiving a gift! However, it is not easy to spot the best offers online and seize the deal to get a free sample. From cosmetic products to e-books, you can find samples to test only if you know where to check. 

Steps you can follow – If you google free samples in India, you may not always find the right website to place the order. Know the correct steps to find the best deals and get the free samples delivered to your home. 

Keep a regular check on the shopping sites.

You can keep an eye on the offers and deals section of the leading shopping websites. Sometimes, the websites provide a free sample offer that the loyal customers of the site can avail of. So, if you purchase frequently from any website, you can keep a check on the site to get the freebies. 

Combine orders to get a promo offer

Sometimes, you can find blended offers through which you can get a free sample. On ordering for a specific amount, you get a chance to avail of the free product. Although you have to purchase availing of the free gift, it is still a free deal, right? 

Sample products for review posting

When a brand launches a new product, they need promotion. Thus, they bring a lucrative offer to the buyers. You can get a free sample based on the review posting. These sample and review offers are mostly found for cosmetic products and consumables. 

Sign up and get the first free sample

Among the most popular ways to find a free sample from a website, the sign-up offer is the most common one. You can find offers with sign-up discounts on all leading websites and get the best product delivered to your doorstep.  

Become a product tester

Another way to get free samples every time a brand launches a product is by becoming a certified tester. Most of the leading shopping websites provide lucrative offers for product testers and get a chance to receive freebies without any hassles! 

Refer and earn free samples

Refer the purchase or discount code to a friend and get a golden chance to get freebies and free samples from a renowned brand. You can find these lucrative deals on the leading websites and receive premium products without paying a penny! 

Check out these options to get a freebie!

Fill out Survey & Get Free Products – One of the best ways to get the new products delivered to your house is by filling out the surveys. Many brands bring lucrative offers through which you can fill in details on their survey forms and stand a chance to order a freebie! 

  • Myglamm : Myglamm brings the most-lucrative offer of all! All you require is to fill out a survey about your lipstick preferences and get a free lipstick worth INR 395! It hardly takes 10 seconds! Grab the offer to get your favorite shade for free at the link – 
  • St. Botanica: St. Botanica, the popular brand brings a rewarding offer for you! Get a free shampoo from the brand by helping a fellow shopper! How? Just answer a few questions about hair care preferences and fill out the survey of the brand. You can order shampoo from the brand for free! Get a chance to find a Pro-Keratin Argan Oil shampoo worth INR 359 for free at the like – 

Participate in the survey to get a sample

Surveys and samples go hand in hand! One can find a chance to order the freebie from a reputed brand. Especially for cosmetic products, you can take part in online surveys, fill out the query forms and stand a chance to win the samples. It helps in enhancing the information and database of the company, helping them in the research and development of their other products. Hence, they send a free sample as a token of gratitude for you’re the time you invested in their survey filling. 

Benefits of free sample

Why should you check the freebies and offers to get a free sample? Everyone wants to get free gifts and samples from renowned brands. So, you can also make yourself happy and stand a chance to get a freebie or sample from a reputed company.

  • Get early access – Besides the happiness factor, one can get the privilege to test a new product. As a product tester and sample recipient, you get early access. You can determine the pros and cons of using the product and write genuine reviews to help others. 
  • Get them delivered to your place – Secondly, it is a fuss-free process! The free sample gets delivered to your house and you do not have to do anything! It is simpler than ordering something on an eCommerce platform. You can also order through the websites that promote the deals of the leading shopping sites to avoid spending time searching the lucrative offers! The websites that bring the best deals make it hassle-free for you to order by accumulating the best discounts and free sample offers. 
  • L’OREAL Paris: The world-famous brand, L’OREAL Paris is not far in the race of giving freebies to their loyal customers! Get a Youth Activating Serum from the brand by registering for the free sample campaign. You can get the premium face serum for free by registering with your contact details at the link – 
  • Bausch And Lomb: A free lens trial is no less than a treasure hunt! Yes, you can now get a free lens from the pioneer brand Bausch and Lomb and get your first lens delivered to your house! All you require is to fill out the form and the questions and content for the free sample at the link – 
  • Smytten: Smytten brings a chance to get 6 free Branded Trial Products! Their marketing campaign of #TrySomethingNew and #BeSomethingNew brings you a chance to explore different grooming and wellness products. You can also be part of India’s largest product trial platform by downloading from the link – 

Samples you can check out today – Order and get them for free!

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