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Ethnomethodologically informed ethnography seeks to understand the organization of work, its flow, and the division of labor from the point of view of those involved in the work. But the intent to downskill may first drive noncanonical practice and communities yet further underground so that the insights gained through work are more completely hidden from the organization as a whole. Between Braverman’s (1974) pessimistic view and Adler’s (1987) optimistic one, lies Barley’s (1988) complex argument, pointing out that the intent to downskill does not necessarily lead to downskilling (as Orr’s reps show).

An ostensible downskilling and actual upskilling therefore proceed simultaneously. Lave and Wenger (1991) introduced communities of practice to frame learning as a social process, not simply from teacher to student (or master to apprentice) but among groups of individuals. Specifically, prescriptive technologies demand specialization by process, and therefore restrict the ability to make decisions beyond one’s area of specialization. IndieWeb presents a valuable case because its contributors exhibit the following characteristics: (1) They are explicitly engaged in building internet systems, and Vape Store they explicitly connect that activity with the achievement of values related to individual autonomy; (2) They demonstrate a nuanced understanding of Web technologies and an uncommon capacity for altering their functions; (3) IndieWeb has operated as a coherent community since 2011, and thus demonstrate not only design and vape hardware ( building, but also the activities involved in maintaining a large system.

However, this involves a trade-off: “prescriptive technologies eliminate the occasions for decision-making and judgement in general and especially for the making of principled decisions. In doing so, I align my work with critical making. In June 2017, I attended my first IndieWeb event, an annual IndieWeb Summit (IWS) in Portland. At first blush, this seems to make the research all the more compelling: follow this recipe, and not only will you deliver software faster, your business will improve all around!

But paradoxically, when you consider halo effects, it raises more threats to research validity. The community of practice of midwifery or tailoring involves much more than the technical knowledgeable skill involved in delivering babies or producing clothes. This supports the observation in Chapter 4 that IndieWeb projects are largely built by individuals or small groups, and that collaboration occurs through relationships of interoperability and dependence among these projects.

Through participation and observation at these sites, I have investigated the activities involved in defining and adopting values and technical approaches, building systems that work together, and keeping them running. Both because I am relatively reserved when it comes to publishing frequent updates vape online, and most importantly because this dissertation presented a need for me to keep up with what other people are posting to their IndieWeb sites, I decided to build a feed-reading software.

It is true that IndieWeb’s contributors often use their websites as part of their building processes-for example by testing new features on their personal sites, and publishing accounts of their making processes-however, when compared to chat and GitHub data, traces of such activities are less standardized in IndieMap’s data.