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We are excited to take your credit and add it to our website. All you tech enthusiasts come and become a part of our community.

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The writers have a golden opportunity from Tech InShorts that they can extract through this platform. All the writers will get a good reach. Anyone can write. Non-tech people from a 10-year experienced person can write. Students are also welcomed to be a part of the blog. All the techies should definitely come and be a part of us. Our main aim is to go global and cover tech companies to business. People can also share their stories and experiences with the use of tech.

Who all can write?

Anyone who is passionate about the tech industry, are already working in tech. Non-tech related people can also write for us. We cover stories about tech business and new technology. 

There is no age bar. A teenager from a well-experienced person can write. There are a lot of small computer gigs, passionate techs, people exploring new topics, writers who love to write. All are welcome. People must have an interest and passion for tech.

Why us?

This is a perfect platform for all writers to showcase their skills. All the writers will benefit so much through this platform.

  • Get the Brand reach and build your brand
  • Regular contributors will get author account
  • Build a connection and team of tech writers
  • Share your stories with the world

Tips for Writing an Engaging Article:

  • Plagiarism free
  • Proper title and subheading
  • Featured Image
  • Minimum Words: 700 words
  • Internal linking with our existing blogs 
  • Right about the relevant niche or related tech topic
  • The original article which is not published before
  • One link allowed

Key Notes: 

  • The article should be SEO optimized
  • Social sharing of the blog on all social media platforms is a mandate
  • Refrain from publishing on other platforms
  • We hold the permission to edit the content
  • Must make a note that the article should not be self-promoting. ( No affiliate links to be used)

Reach out to us:

You can mail us at techinshorts360@gmail.com . Please add the website name, category name, meta description, and add the featured image separately. A brief author bio is required & admin techinshorts360@gmail.com .

Once we receive your work, the content team will check and revert you back with feedback. It is advised to follow the above points and then submit them. 

Topics you can write about:

  • Tech news and Updates
  • Blogs related to Gadgets, Mobile Apps and gaming
  • Personal stories related to tech 

How to search for Tech sites:

“Write for us”+ Tech

“Write of us “+ tech news

“Write for us”+ tech business

“Write for us”+ latest tech news

“Write to us”+ marketing

Business: “Write for us “ + Guest Post

Business “Write to us”

“Technology” + Guest Post

“Write for us”+ Startup Business

“Write for us” Share your Business Story

Why should writers choose guest posts?

Guest posting is the best platform for writers to build their profile. Some of the bloggers can get access to a good link- exchange paths. Also, with the content and SEO coupled up the people can aim to get better visibility. With the blog ranked, the readability and views will increase.

This process can further help. Before writing, it is advised to all the people to read the blogs and go through it.

Doing this will turn out to be very beneficial as:

  • Many people will understand the quality, language, and types of blogs that are used.
  • Also, people must not write on the same topics which are already published
  • People can also fetch more ideas by having a look at the same range of blogs

Guest Post Pitch:

It is advised that the people can submit a rough draft or a pitch sending details about why they want to write, why they want to contribute and why they think that the content will be read by the people. A good guest post pitch will have a greater chance to get replies. It is important that the people must provide a title, base, and an outline for the blog. We would require the own creation of the author and not copied stuff.

Sponsored post:

You can get a sponsored post from here. send mail to techinshorts360@gmail.com


The audience is well versed and learned. Therefore, we would expect high-quality content from the writers. Not only good language but well researched, well-poised content needs to be published.

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