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25 Best Dark Web Sites For 2024 With Direct Access Links

2024 is just around the corner and people are already in search of the best dark web sites that serve their purpose in the best possible ways. However, standing in this time, the dark web has been the talk of the town exciting many that cross its path. If you are one of them looking for the best dark web websites, this is where your search ends. 

In this article, we will talk about the top 25 dark web sites for this year and beyond. That said, it is important to note that the best onion links to these websites will only be accessible if you use the Tor browser. You can download the Tor browser from the Tor Project. 

Additionally, you have to use a premium VPN or Virtual Private Network that will conceal your identity making you completely anonymous. Another advantage of using a premium VPN is that you can easily surpass the geo restrictions (if any) and access the dark web links

25 Best Dark Web Sites For 2024 And Beyond With Direct Access Links

If you have been looking for The 25 best dark web sites for 2024 that you can directly access without any hassle, this segment has it all. Stick to the end to know everything in detail. 

  1. Ahmia

Ahmia is considered to be a top dark web search engine. For years, it has been a great resource and tool for the darknet users. 

  1. Dark Web Link (Top Dark Web News)

Dark web link is a prominent website on the darknet or the Tor network. Apart from providing  the latest darknet news from around the corners of the dark web and deep web, it is also a vast directory of deep web links. 


  1. ProtonMail

This is a Swiss-based completely anonymous and secure email service provider. It is considered one of the top and most secure email service providers of all times.

  1. Onionhub

Onionhub has the largest directory of the up-to-date and verified dark web links and best onion links. Additionally, it also provides the updated darknet news. 


  1. Crypt Design

Are you looking for darknet services that help you to build and host your dark web website? Then, Crypt design is all you need. It is a darknet site that has a bunch of dark web services specially curated for you all under one roof. 


  1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a top dark web search engine prominent on the Tor network. However, it only fetches results from the clear web. The benefit? You can go completely anonymous to find whatever you are wishing to find. 


  1. The Hidden Wiki

This dark web site is a hidden treasure of the darknet zone. This is the dark web Wikipedia, where you will find all the necessary information of the Tor network.

  1. Hidden Answers

Are you fond of surfing Quora and similar websites on the clearnet? Then, you would definitely like Hidden Answers. This website is a forum where you can ask anything about the dark web and get answered accordingly without having to disclose your identity. 

  1. ProPublica

Pulitzer Prize-winning news organization ProPublica has released its own version of the dark web on Tor, allowing anonymous browsing and freedom of speech.

  1.  Keybase

Keybase is a dark web site that allows users to share files with friends and contacts while preserving their privacy and anonymity through the use of end to end encryption with public-key cryptography.

  1. SecureDrop

Journalists and sources often use SecureDrop as a way to share confidential information without revealing who they are.

  1.  ZeroBin

This dark web app, ZeroBin, sends encrypted text to your contacts in a secure way with auto-destruct, so their servers don’t know about any copied content.

  1.  The Hidden Wallet

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular in recent years, and The Hidden Wallet provides complete anonymity for the purpose of managing and trading cryptocurrency on the dark web.

  1.  Riseup

Riseup is an encrypted dark web email client, designed to protect you from attacks and government censorship, as well as provide you with best practices to enhance your information security.

  1.  Facebook

The official mirror website of Facebook, dark onion link facilitates the creation of anonymous accounts through the dark web, and enables the platform to be accessed in areas that are subject to censorship.

  1.  Smartmixer

A blockchain-based tool called allows you to mix crypto with other coins to avoid easy tracking and keep your identity safe.

  1. Torch

Torch browser is one of the most powerful tools that lets you access hidden websites while keeping your traffic anonymous by routing it through multiple nodes.

  1. Sci-Hub

Sci-hub offers millions of peer-reviewed research papers, but access may be restricted in some jurisdictions, so review applicable laws and regulations before visiting.

  1. Mail2Tor

Mail2Tor is a secure and encrypted email service provider on the dark web for dark web users. 

  1. Haystak

Haystack offers a Premium version with enhanced access and no advertisements, boasting over 1.5 billion indexed pages without tracking users or monetizing data.

  1. Galaxy3

Galaxy3 is an anonymous social network based on the TOR network, popular among privacy-conscious individuals who prefer not to interact with government agencies or receive advertisements through dark web tor links.

  1. Elude

Elude enables users to anonymously send and receive emails via webmail, without the need for registration, and to share confidential information and data via a dark web browser.

  1. Comic Book Library

A comic book library, also known as a dark web comic book library, is a vast collection of thousands of comics from various genres and publications that can be accessed and downloaded.

  1. Dread

Tor, like Reddit, enables users to create accounts and post content on various topics without worrying about privacy or anonymity.

  1. Deep Web Radio

Deep Web Radio offers users access to over 20 channels tailored to their interests, providing the highest quality music from the Dark Web.


The dark web is a dangerous and exciting territory, with many sites being non-indexed and unregulated. To protect yourself, use a reliable VPN connection, install strong antivirus software, protect your identity with encrypted and anonymous email addresses, and use unidentifiable cryptocurrency wallets for purchases. Avoid downloading anything from the dark web, as the likelihood of malicious code is high. Be cautious when visiting the dark web, confirm the authenticity of websites, be selective, and trust your gut. Remember to be smart and trust your gut when venturing into the dark web. If you have been questioning how to access the dark web safely, this was the answer you required.