A Growth Guide for Small B2B Businesses
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A Growth Guide for Small B2B Businesses

Content around small business growth is usually assumed to be about B2C strategies, but it’s just as important for small B2B companies to flourish. The key to successful B2B growth is perfecting a product, smoothing out the user experience, and experimenting with growth tactics to reach the next level. With this in mind, you’ll find a series of successful B2B growth strategies outlined below. 

Focus on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) 

UI and UX are essential components that guide clients through a smooth process from acquisition to sales. Every step of the journey must be simple because it will stick in the minds of users, and they’ll be much more likely to return and recommend your business. 

After compiling your sales proposition or brand/product values, spend time using Google Analytics to analyse, test, and track the points users tend to leave. These areas suggest friction, which you can address and then trial new processes. For example, if users are leaving while looking for answers or attempting to make contact, you can introduce chatbots just like the British Red Cross did. 

Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing Teams

When your sales and marketing teams are segregated, it causes an upset because both departments are likely working towards different goals. To reduce confusion and put everyone on the same page, bridge the gap by bringing the sales and marketing teams together. 

A great way to do this is by turning to an expert sales consultant with plenty of experience in aligning marketing and sales teams. For example, The Growth Consultancy uses sales enablement strategies across a 3–6-month period to hand power to the people within your business that matter. 

Get to Grips with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place to be for B2B companies, so forget about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a while. There are countless strategies you can deploy on LinkedIn to generate leads, but our favourite is the “touchpoint” process. All you need to do is target prospective clients, connect with them, and then send pre-written messages with the aim of pulling them into the sales funnel. 

Encourage Video Testimonies

Before choosing a new business to collaborate with, your clients are going to search for social proof. We all know that testimonies are powerful growth tools, but they pack so much more punch when they’re in video format. When your existing clients are willing to put their name on the line and vouch for your services, it introduces an additional layer designed to instil trust. 

Offer Free Trials

Even in the B2B world, a free trial goes a long way when it comes to growth. You don’t have to give away full access to your services, but a healthy snippet allows a prospective client to sample the goods before making a decision. If you’ve got everything outlined above right, you should have no problem making the conversion. 

There are many growth tactics for small B2B businesses to explore. As long as you’re putting clients first and reducing friction by any means necessary, you’ll find a strategy that works.

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