Portable Saunas

A Homeowner’s Guide to Portable Saunas

Portable saunas have become increasingly popular backyard and patio additions for homeowners seeking relaxation and wellness without major construction. Thanks to advances in technology, portable saunas have dropped in price. Consumers find they have two options when purchasing a unit of this type.

Infrared saunas utilize infrared light waves to heat the body rather than warming the surrounding air. Infrared heating panels or emitters are mounted inside the sauna walls and bathe users in gentle infrared rays. Steam saunas take a more traditional approach by heating water and dispersing steam throughout the sauna space. Steam saunas provide a softer, moist heat like a Turkish bath, creating an authentic sauna experience. However, steam saunas use more energy, take longer to heat up, and require more safety precautions than infrared. For more information, see more at https://portablesaunas.com.

Portable Saunas

Choosing a Portable Sauna

When selecting a portable sauna, first decide on infrared or steam. Then, choose a size that will fit your space – options range from one to four-person sizes. Consider materials like hemlock, cedar, or basswood, which hold in heat well. Look for saunas with insulated walls and roofs for efficient heating. Choose a sauna with safety features like an internal lighting system and vent. Carefully review the electrical requirements to ensure your outlet can support the sauna.

Installing Your Portable Sauna

Portable saunas require a flat and level surface, whether indoors or outdoors. The floor must be able to support the weight. Read all assembly instructions carefully and make sure to have assistance lifting and constructing the sauna. You may need to apply sealants to protect the wood from weather damage for outdoor saunas. Make sure a certified electrician makes proper electrical connections.

Using Your Portable Sauna Safely

It is important to stay hydrated and avoid alcoholic beverages before and during sauna use. Start with shorter five to fifteen-minute sessions and slowly increase time as your body adjusts. Listen to your body. Immediately exit the sauna if you feel nauseous, dizzy, or unwell. Stay seated rather than lying down, and keep a towel nearby to wipe sweat. Avoid pouring water on the heating elements, and do not touch them. Keep the door open for ventilation between sessions.

Maintaining Your Portable Sauna

Like a traditional sauna, portable saunas require maintenance and care for optimal performance and safety. Wipe down interior wood panels frequently with a soft cloth to prevent damage from sweat residue. Apply approved sauna wood sealants as needed to protect and maintain the wood over time. Replace any worn fabric coverings like cushions. Keep the area around the sauna free of clutter and debris. Check heating elements and electrical wiring yearly to ensure everything is working properly.

Adding a portable sauna to your home can provide an inviting space for relaxation and wellness year-round. Following this guide will help ensure you select the proper sauna for your needs, install it properly, use it safely, and keep it well-maintained for years of soothing sauna enjoyment.