A Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Grand Theft Auto Online

There are several things you need to prioritize when starting a fresh game of GTA Online, with the game still growing after nine years after its launch. However, newer players may find themselves confused or overwhelmed by the content and opportunities that await them in-game.

So, if you’re new to GTA Online, let us guide you towards building a successful empire in the game with handy tips and tricks.


Character Creation

GTA Online starts with the character creation screen, where you get to choose several options to create a character to your liking. You can edit your character’s appearance here. However, no matter how your character looks, it has little effect on the actual gameplay. Also, you need to realize that everyone starts fresh, and nobody gets instant access to GTA 5 VIP vehicles.

It’s advised that you spend ample time creating your avatar because any changes made later can cost you big bucks. Be sure that you’re happy with how your character looks before starting the game.


Playing The Tutorial

After the character creation phase, you’ll be thrown into a tutorial where you’ll see a cutscene and can skip this when prompted. However, you shouldn’t skip the tutorial as the game doesn’t give you any learning opportunities later on.

Some players have reported that the game doesn’t consider the first mission complete if you skip the tutorial. The tutorial isn’t that long, and it’s a fun way to start your GTA Online journey.


The Actual Game

Once you’re done with the tutorial, you’re free to roam around the massive world of GTA Online. Now you can also try out the several custom GTA maps modes, quests, story missions, treasure hunts, and more. You can also grind your way through the businesses available in-game, but it’s recommended that you have a party with you to fully benefit from these.

For quick jobs, you can use your cell phone to look for co-op jobs where you’ll be matched with a team of random players, all with the same objective. These missions are a lot of fun but don’t pay out as much. The real income comes from running business sales in-game and performing heists.

An Xbox controller

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