ACE FX 210
ACE FX 210

ACE’s Top Two Crane Models Ideal for your Infra Business

Crane’s are the biggest boon to the infrastructure business for heavy load carriers. Whereas coming to their capabilities, they can carry all large and heavy payloads on the construction site. Many companies in this category bring top-quality crane equipment to the market.

But here we are with two crane models under the truck and telescopic crane categories. They both come from the house of ACE, among industry leaders’ top choices.  

So, let’s not wait any further and check out the crane model ACE offers. The ACE FX150 and the ACE FX210.

Top 2 ACE Crane Models for you

1. ACE FX150 

The first model of crane we will discuss is the ACE FX150. It is one of the top-selling models in the telescopic crane category. This crane is a beast in its shell, as it can lift a maximum weight of 15 tonnes. 

In addition, with this crane, you will have great mobility over the construction site, thanks to its boom length of 20 meters. Also, this crane can lift your payload to a height of 16 metres, which means no worries for high-rise building projects. 

Moreover, it is a very competent crane in its price range. Therefore, the ACE FX 150 telescopic crane price ranges between Rs. 31 lakhs to Rs. 33 lakhs. This makes it an excellent alternative for anybody seeking a telescopic crane.

2. ACE FX 210 

This crane model from ACE is a top chosen model under its category. Also, it comes with the capability to lift payloads up to a weight of 20 tonnes.

With this, the ACE FX 210 crane allows you to reach every corner of the construction site. Moreover, it comes with a boom length of 12 and a height reachability of 18 metres. So, no worries over any small or large construction site. 

Lastly, the truck crane price for this model starts from Rs. 34 lakhs up to Rs. 36 lakhs. This makes it a perfect option under its category. For more details, visit Infra Junction.