Activities That Require Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials while constructing, maintaining and repairing a building, bridge or other man-made structure. They are widely used in construction sites to access heights and hard to reach areas.

There are a handful of jobs and activities within construction that require scaffolding for safety and accessibility. In this post, we outline the benefits of scaffolding and when to use scaffolding structures

The Benefits Of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is an integral part of the constriction industry, especially when working at heights. With a number of benefits, it remains a valuable and life-saving structure for those who require it. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Enables Easy Access
  • Provides Balance
  • Ensures Safety
  • Boosts Productivity
  • Offers Easy Assembly & Dismantling
  • Acts a Bridge

Deciding You Need Scaffolding

There are a number of factors to consider when you’re trying to decide if scaffolding is right for your project. Some of these include:

  • Working at heights: If you or your workers are going to be working above 2m, then scaffolding is a necessity.
  • The type of project: Certain types of projects will require specific tools that may not be available without scaffolding, such as painting the exterior of a building. 
  • How long the job will take: If the job is going to be a long one, then scaffolding may make the process easier and faster. 
  • How big the job is: If you ha a job that requires multiple workers to work a height. Scaffolding makes this easier.
  • Do you need a platform: If you need a platform to stand on or rest materials, then scaffolding is the way to go.

When Do You Need Scaffolding?

Whether for commercial or residential purposes, there are a few general circumstances where scaffolding may be needed:

Home Improvements

When deciding to extend your kitchen or replace a run down rood, scaffolding may be required to provide stability and support during the process.

Painters and Decorators 

If painters are required to work at substantial heights, scaffolding is important for keeping them safe and providing a secure work platform. It also provides a surface to place their tools and equipment with them as they walk and move around the site.

Building Repairs

Maintenance and repair are important for buildings. However, there is an increased risk of accidents and injury the higher they go. These could be surfaces that are not stable, tiles that are loose and structures that are at risk of falling. Scaffolding can help reduce these risks by providing a safe surface and area for work to be carried out.

Window/ Exterior Cleaning

Working at heights to clean windows or the exterior of a building can be extremely dangerous without scaffolding. As such, it provides a stable and reliable work platform to rest equipment on and move around as needed.

Building Inspections

Building inspections include checking the credibility and safety of buildings and structures. Scaffolding is required as reviewing the infrastructure’s various parts that can be located far above the ground. 

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