Apple changes iPhone 15 design at the last minute!

In less than a month, Apple will officially launch the iPhone 15 series with many new designs that promise to resonate strongly in the market. Let’s take a look at the unique designs on iPhone 15 right in the article below!

Dynamic Island is no longer limited to Pro models

In 2022, Apple introduced its exclusive Dynamic Island screen technology for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The latest update on Tomsguide, a tech website, reveals that Apple will extend this feature to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

The YouTube channel 4RMD, known for revealing Apple’s designs, suggests that the iPhone 15 series might feature a 20% smaller Dynamic Island size. This could revolutionize screen real estate in a way that rivals may find hard to match. Dynamic Island offers users an unobstructed, immersive experience for movies and gaming, moving away from the previously used Notch.

Dynamic Island helps users see battery status and display notifications at a glance. Prominent tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his accurate predictions, suggests that Apple will place the proximity sensor within the Dynamic Island area this year. This feature will enable the iPhone 15 to automatically turn the screen on/off during calls, further optimizing battery life.

Apple will reduce the area of Dynamic Island to increase the display area to make the user experience more satisfying 

Luxurious Titanium Frame Replaces Traditional Material

According to the latest news from imore, a renowned tech website specializing in Apple product predictions, there’s a strong possibility that the iPhone 15 Pro and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a titanium frame, replacing the traditional aluminum frames of previous generations.

Apple’s transition to a titanium frame would give the overall design of the iPhone 15 a more luxurious and robust feel. This material also makes your device more resistant to scratches and better equipped to handle significant impacts.

The luxurious Titanium frame design on the iPhone 15 Pro version helps users feel secure when using it

Rounded Edges and Soft Curves, Ultra-Thin Frame

Previously, iPhone edges were designed to be sharp and square. It’s highly likely that Apple will switch to a rounded-edge design with a softer curvature to provide users with a more comfortable grip, making the iPhone easier to hold and use.

Notably, the iPhone 15 series is designed with an ultra-thin frame, anticipated to be about 0.7mm thinner than the iPhone 14. This sleek frame design enhances the edge-to-edge effect and offers a lighter, more streamlined user experience.

iPhone 15 series has a luxurious design with rounded corners and ultra-thin frames that make it easy for users to hold 

Introducing the new action button, replacing the mute switch

According to Macrumors, Apple will remove the familiar mute switch on the iPhone after maintaining this design for 15 years. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a new action button.

The Action Button will function similarly to the Action Button on the Apple Watch Ultra, allowing users to utilize shortcuts, apps, and other integrated features such as the flashlight and volume controls.

The USB-C port replaces the lightning port

Apple will launch the iPhone 15 Apple, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max with a USB-C charging port instead of the Lightning port. Although this change has minimal impact on the design, it’s highly anticipated by many users.

The USB-C port will enable the iPhone 15 to charge at faster speeds and support more versatile connections across different electronic devices. This will save users from additional expenses on chargers and optimize charging time.

Lightning charging port is replaced by USB-C charging port on iPhone 15 series

Matte glass back featured in all four iPhone 15 models

Apple has designed all four models of the iPhone 15 series with a similar aesthetic, showcasing a matte glass back. In previous iPhone generations, the matte glass back was exclusive to the premium Pro models, while the standard versions used glossy glass.

However, in the iPhone 15 series, this matte glass is seen across all four variants. The change provides the iPhone 15 with a refined and luxurious appearance and helps alleviate sweaty handprints when held for prolonged periods.

The frosted glass back is expected to appear in all versions of the iPhone 15 series 

The above is the latest information on the design changes for the iPhone 15. All news so far remains unconfirmed, so for accurate details on the advancements, stay tuned until the launch time on 9/12 at 10 a.m. PT.