Automatic License Plate Recognition

Major Benefits of Automatic License Plate Recognition Technology

Over the last few years, society has seen several advances in security technology—with ALPR or automatic license plate recognition being one of them. These systems capture and enhance images of license plates, using optical character recognition to read them.

While many have seen license plate readers at work, few know how they are used. From helping police catch criminals to collecting fees on tollways, drivers cross paths with ALPR systems every day. Here, we will discuss the most significant benefits of automatic license plate recognition technology such as that created by Genetec.

Always-On Monitoring

As far as access and parking management are concerned, one of the most important benefits of automatic license plate recognition is that it allows for 24/7 monitoring. No matter the time of day or night, users can see who is coming or going. When combined with video surveillance technology, security improves enough for these systems to be beneficial to law enforcement agencies.

Greater Accessibility

Many property owners use automatic license plate recognition technology to monitor their premises, but ALPR also serves as a preventive measure. For instance, criminals aren’t as likely to target facilities with this surveillance tech installed. With the right software, users can give access only to approved vehicles. This reduces the risk of on-the-job accidents and unauthorized access.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Improved Efficiency

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to navigate a crowded parking lot. When lot owners use automatic license plate readers, however, vehicles can enter and exit faster, improving the flow of traffic. ALPRs also make security guards’ jobs easier. Instead of walking the perimeter, guards can easily monitor the premises via closed-circuit television screens.

Helping Law Enforcement Personnel

Law enforcement agencies use automatic license plate readers in various ways. Not only do they gather evidence for upcoming cases, but ALPRs can also be used to run quick vehicle registration checks. These systems are valued for their accuracy.

While eyewitness accounts are sometimes unreliable, license plate readers quickly and accurately find license plate numbers, vehicle makes, and other important information. These qualities, among others, are why ALPR systems are such a helpful tool for law enforcement agencies.

Low Cost

Many assume that automatic license plate recognition technology is expensive, but the opposite is true. In most instances, property owners and other users can save money by reducing the need for security personnel. ALPRs help users in other ways. If vehicles aren’t using a facility correctly, for example, an owner can recoup their investment through fines and fees.

Easier Toll Collection

Automatic license plate recognition systems make toll collection easier. These systems capture plate numbers as vehicles pass through toll booths, automatically charging fees to owners’ accounts. ALPRs reduce congestion and eliminate the need for toll booth attendants. Furthermore, AI-based systems can accurately, quickly, and simultaneously process multiple license plates, which makes them a great choice for high-traffic roads.

ALPRs Are the Future

As shown here, there are many reasons for property owners to consider the installation of automatic license plate recognition systems. It will certainly be interesting to learn how this technology grows and develops in the future.

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