CRM software free for small business

Best CRM software free for small business in 2023

Since there is no optimal CRM that can be used for organizations of all sizes, several good CRM systems have been developed for small enterprises. What do you think is the best customer relationship management solution for a startup? 

In other words, are they affordably priced while yet being suitably practical?  In case you aren’t familiar with the best real estate crm software development options, we’ve compiled a list for you. 

Let’s check over all the available best crm software options for small enterprises. 

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM (also known as LACRM) was developed specifically with the requirements of small businesses in mind. Included in one low-priced package is task management, contact maintenance, lead tracking, and prompt follow-ups. 

LACRM’s pros include comprehensive customer and contact management, lead tracking via pipelines, and easy job management using the system’s intuitive calendar and agenda features. 

You may utilize your LACRM-issued email logging address to create a contact in your choice email provider anytime you send or receive email outside of the LACRM system.


When it comes to sales force automation for real estate app development, Freshsales has you covered from every angle. It provides a salesperson with everything they need to find quality leads, conduct productive conversations with those leads, close deals with the help of AI-powered insights, and keep in touch with clients. 

Freshsales helps sales teams focus on completing business by automating the sales process and easing communication through email, phone, chat, and telephony. Salespeople may use Freddy AI to find promising leads, plan their next moves to optimize revenue and forecast their future earnings. 


Keap is a contact management and sales pipeline software designed specifically for remote workers, solo entrepreneurs, and home-based businesses. 

You may gather contacts via a variety of channels, including importing contact lists from other CRMs, scanning business cards, converting complex spreadsheets, simple manual entry, and setting up a custom form on your website. Additional, customizable fields may be added to the contact details. 


For salespeople who are always on the go and don’t have time to squander learning new software, Salesmate is the perfect customer relationship management solution. Since it is one of the best CRM software online for small businesses, it might be useful in the real estate and construction industries as well.

This system is always improving by adding new capabilities. The interface for analytics and reporting is now more adaptable and quicker to load. In addition, new functions including call monitoring and deal management have been added to the Salesmate mobile app. DocuSign and live chat are two new features. 


InfoFlo is an exceptional top CRM software because of how well it works with Microsoft Outlook. Using custom fields, you may manage your customers in more detail and build more in-depth profiles. 

There is a wide range of good communication options, including full VoIP and SMS integration. Secure data may be stored in the cloud or on a local server, depending on your preference, using InfoFlo. 

CIO (Clean and Intuitive Outcomes)

In the past, Really Simple CRM was already ridiculously simple. Years of development, however, have resulted in the program’s inclusion of several high-quality CRM capabilities.

Really Simple Systems offers a large selection of tools that may be used by the sales, marketing, and support teams. You have access to lead management, campaign management, email management, and task automation tools. Tools for managing contacts and pipelines, scheduling tasks and appointments, and predicting sales results all help the sales team work more efficiently. 

Bigin by Zoho

Bigin, from Zoho, is a CRM software free that specializes in pipelines and was built with small and microbusinesses on mind. The creators of Bigin omitted features that were superfluous for most small businesses. This is why Bigin sticks to its simple, straightforward method throughout. 

Bigin, on the other hand, has everything required, such as phone and email, different pipelines, process automation, activity management, and a customizable dashboard for keeping tabs on key performance indicators.


The needs of QuickBooks users may be readily accommodated by the adaptable CRM, MethodCRM. One of the best features of MethodCRM is its real-time, two-way sync with QuickBooks. 

This is a great customer management tool since it consolidates your customers’ estimates, invoices, and payments into one location. The field service, manufacturing, and accounting sectors may all benefit greatly from using a customer relationship management system. Finally, it’s a fantastic resource for collecting payments from consumers online and importing that data into QuickBooks.


When it comes to managing relationships with customers, nothing beats Daylite, an iOS-only online crm software. It’s a great solution for businesses with up to one hundred workers that are looking to expand by taking on new clients and tasks.

The client relationship management and project management features in the Daylite suite are two of its many advantages. The idea was to break down the barriers between public-facing and internal roles. It’s not merely a piece of promotional material. It’s useful for sharing information on the development of a client’s project.

Another great aspect is the Daylite Mail Assistant, which, unlike many other systems, integrates well with Apple Mail. Daylite gives you a lot of room to express your individuality. There are several options for cataloging interactions, activities, initiatives, and deals. 


BenchmarkONE is an effective crm software for small business for managing relationships with customers. It’s also helpful in email marketing automation for lead generation and qualification.

More transactions can be managed and closed with the aid of sales automation. It is well suited for use by private companies, consultancies, and other organizations of a similar size. Additionally, it offers comprehensive reporting and data analysis.


Marketing automation, live chat and help desk, and customer relationship management and sales are just some of the areas that EngageBay focuses on to compete with HubSpot. The latter, CRM & Sales Bay, provides adaptable and simple approaches to managing relationships with customers.

Information from all of your clients’ touchpoints can be gathered in one central location thanks to this platform. Track how many times your emails are opened, how many times links are clicked, and how frequently people reply to them. 

Integrates seamlessly with your Gmail, Office 365, or any IMAP email account and syncs in both ways. Using apps like Zapier, SendGrid, Mailgun, Xero, and Mandrill, you can connect your CRM with many other business procedures to streamline even more of your work.


If you use Gmail for business, Copper’s interoperability with G Suite is a huge plus. The time required to set up the system is around five minutes. Automatic data entry, intelligent identification, lead and customer monitoring, and improved sales connections and prospects are just some of the benefits that will be available once it is fully operational. 

An attractive sales pipeline in the CRM makes it simple to track leads as they go through the system. Notes may be taken properly using voice transcription without leaving the app, and contacts can be accessible by email, speech, or text.


There are more than just 12 CRM solutions available to small organizations because there are so many viable options for CRM software nowadays. You should be better equipped after reading this to choose the optimal customer relationship management solution for your small business. It’s time to start working on growing your business.

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