Best Laptops in 2020 | Buyer’s Guide

Since laptops and netbooks have become an integral part of modern life the developers produce more and more new functional models. There appeared cheap laptops and expensive models, professional notebooks for designers, and almost free netbooks for students. Sometimes you may find even free laptops while web searching. The process of choosing the “right” model may take time. There exist different configurations, and you may choose the best laptop in 2020 according to your desires, necessities, and financial opportunities.

Best Laptops in 2020

Here you can find a full guide about various categories of laptops, their detailed characteristics, and other useful information. Below there are user experiences that will help you to make the right solution. Find your own archetype depending on the way you are going to use your laptop and according to your personal requirements.

For the Student

Students usually look for discount laptops. They need to carry that from class to class. It means that the device should be light and quite compact. A low-cost netbook will be a good solution because of its small size, low-power system, and sufficient functionality. The weak side can be considered its single-core CPU and small screen. But anyway it is worth its price. There are a lot of laptops models available for less than $500.

Another possible variant for a student is a thin and light model of laptop that is less portable but at the same time, it provides a better experience. With such kind of machine, it becomes very easy to do research and write papers. Another good feature of a student laptop is that it has a dual-core CPU and includes optical drives.

The standard requirements may be the following: Small 12-inch display, HDD-not less than 120 GB, RAM-about 1GB.

For the Business Traveler

Being the business traveler you will certainly need a more professional model or notebook. The best laptop for an advanced PC user will have a powerful system with safeguard features, access to management, and security tools will be very important. The standard requirements may be the following: 13-15-inch display, HDD-160GB, RAM- up to 4GB, up to date OS like Windows 7/Vista, etc.

For Photographer/Videographer

Not only gamers look for widescreen laptops, high powered processors, “advanced” graphics, and fast, massive hard drives. The thing is that those who occupy with high-resolution photographs and high-definition video are another group of exigent laptop users. One of the leading developers-Apple offers MacBook Pro machines of 15 and 17 inches. If you are a videographer or photographer, you have to look for a 15-17inch screen with high resolution. A strong RAM of 8GB will be perfect. Don’t forget about the large hard drive. 500GB will be sufficient for your work.

The standard requirements may be the following: large screen (not less than 17 inches), HDD- 320GB or more that runs at a faster speed(about 7,200rpm), RAM- not less than 4GB.

For Gamer

Nowadays gamers occupy one of the leading positions among laptop users. Computer games require special hardware configuration. Usually, PC gamers prefer desktop machines. Desktop computers are very flexible with upgrades, have better cooling and faster components. However, for the last time gaming laptops made great progress.

A lot of modern brands offer extraordinary expensive laptops that can be easily customized with the latest models of GPUs. But there also exist really budget laptops, for example, those of Gateway.

The standard requirements may be the following: a medium display about 17 inches, RAM from around 5-8GB, HDD should have not less than 320GB, discrete GPU, DVD burner.

For Home User | Best Laptops in 2020

If you haven’t found yourself in any of the above archetypes we may suggest that you are likely to be a home user. It means that your machine should be simple but enough functional to watch high-quality movies, favorite TV shows in bed, or sitting in the kitchen. This should be a compact laptop that can be taken on the road, when the whole family is going on a journey, etc.

The most frequent size for home laptops is 15 inches, but sometimes people prefer 14 or 16-inch versions. PC developers usually make mainstream notebooks for home-usage. These have very small differences, more similarities.

There is a great variety of home laptops in the market. You may find a very good notebook for less than $900.All you need is a good CPU, 2GB-4GB of RAM, a DVD burner, and a hard drive of 250GB. Most laptops are configurable which means you can add different extras like Blu-ray drive, discrete graphics, etc.

The standard requirements may be the following: Hard drive–250 GB and more, medium display of 14-15 inches, DVD burner, RAM- up to 4GB.

Conclusion | Best Laptops in 2020

This is the buyer’s guide for the best laptop in 2020. There’re many high end and expensive laptop in the market right now. That’s why choosing the best & ergonomic option, not an easy task. But, by going through our guide, you’re able to find a system for your needs.

We hope that this guide helps you. However, if you any suggestions or any questions, then please tell us in the comments. We’re pleased to answer that.

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