Outdoor Sports in Virginia

Best Outdoor Sports in Virginia

Virginia is a lovely place. There are numerous outdoor activities in Virginia. Especially for adrenaline junkies, this place will give you the perfect adrenaline rush, even if you prefer simple outdoor sports such as cycling to those who love adventurous sports. The endless outdoor experiences of Virginia are unforgettable. From the Sky-high mountain to the bays of the city, everything attracts tourists. Here is a list of some of the best outdoor sports activities.


1. Mountain biking

Challenge yourself to feel the thrill of real adventures. Start your trip by mountain biking at Carvins Cove Natural Area Reserve. Singletracks has officially announced that this is the best place for mountain biking, especially in the southeast. However, as exciting as it sounds, the travel can be extremely difficult. The trail is almost 60 miles long. Make this experience easier by choosing the route of the gamut. This is a route made by a local biker through which you can explore all the area safely.


A safer option is North Mountain. However, don’t worry; it will still offer you the same thrill. The climbs, rocks, and paths will not fail to give you an adrenaline rush.


2. Fishing

According to Clay Pigeon Throwers “Roanoke River in Virginia is an amazing place to catch big fish. This place has various fishes. The varieties of fish include trout, bass, and many more. Chances are high of finding a big fish when you are in deep water. You might lay your hands on big fishes such as catfish and trout, especially in the portion closest to the smith mountain lake.”


However, don’t forget to bring the appropriate fishing license. The rules are strict; abiding by them is necessary, or you may face serious consequences.


3. Golfing

All the golfing fans gather to experience golf in an exceptionally different way. In the north of Virginia, there are two amazing golf clubs. Spending some time here playing golf will enhance the experience for sure.

With a rating of 4 stars, Shenandoah Valley golf club is an extremely lovely place. This place has more than 25 holes. Get transported back into the ancient era by visiting green bowling country. The experience of bowling, super friendly staff and even if you are a beginner there are so many things you can learn from here.



4.   Wetlands zip tour

About 80 feet above the land, this Zipline gives a full view of the beautiful forest. The Zip line lengths can be as short as 400 to as long as 1000. The duration of this amazing ride is 1 hour and 30 minutes.


5. Kayaking

The Chesapeake Bay is a perfect place for kayaking, especially the sunset and scenery during nighttime is absolutely lovely. The guide gives a short lesson first. Later on, you are ready to start this wonderful experience. Don’t worry; your guide will give you live commentary on everything.



This place has lots of gems to explore, from heavy outdoor sports to easy sports. There is a wide range of everything, so everyone can enjoy the visit to Virginia.