Best SEO Tools for Expose SEO Content Strategies

Best SEO Tools for Expose SEO Content Strategies

Every marketing campaign aims to be consistently indexed by search crawlers and attract relevant and steady traffic. 

To secure a spot on the top five Google results, you or your SEO services provider will need a few more tools apart from Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 

Best SEO Tools for Expose SEO Content Strategies | Tools for Bulletproof SEO Content Strategies

With years of digital business building experience as turnkey SEO company in Mumbai, here’s a quick go-to collection of the top 10 tools, which are intuitive and useful:

Pingdom Website Speed Test

Page load time ranking factors for Google. Google’s Webmaster Central Blog says:

The Pingdom tool helps you precisely analyze your website load speed. It also helps to scrutinize and suggest what about a page is slow, fast, too big, and so on.


Squirrly is an SEO plugin that optimizes content for the exact keyword and user while generating stats about your content’s success. They claim that the plugin can improve traffic by up to 285%.

Be it searching for long-tail keywords or optimizing content for Google; it does all with panache. 


MarketMuse Suite is much more than just a content analysis tool. While providing semantically-focused content optimization, it also helps create pro-quality content with a higher degree of probability to rank well on SERPs. All of this feedback and suggestions are in real-time as you write.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

It crawls and evaluates your website for common SEO issues to present the data in an extractable CSV file. It quicks sniffs and highlights technical problems that are adversely impacting rankings. 

What pages are blocked by Robots.txt, indicating broken links and pages, finding missing alt text, and notifying about content that is sitting silent and buried deep are some of the snags that it addresses.


You would like to know about the pages with an improper redirect, suspicious outbound links, and orphan pages. It is also essential to stay current on SEO issues affecting content. Ahrefs is your cloud-based go-to tool for conducting an overall SEO content analysis. 


Moz addresses many issues- in-depth keyword research, on-page optimization, site-crawling, rank tracking, and link research. You can also use it for concerns about duplicate content and titles and slow load time. 

Use it to address thin content, or other SEO content issues before they cause a threat, Moz addresses these and much more with perfection.

Emotional Headline Analyzer

Zig Ziglar said, “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.” A headline is your first impression before your readers and customers. Crafting it with an emotional approach helps to incite an instant to connect.

Emotional Headline Analyzer provides an Emotional Marketing Value [EMV] statistics. An EMV of 22+ signifies an impactful headline that feels people’s pain and solves their problems.


Creating relevant, useful, and converting content briefs is every content marketer’s dream. Frase deploys artificial intelligence to create a performing content topic, sub-topic, and moving content pieces that establish you as an authority. 

It also scans the top-ranking articles for your keyword and suggests the missing pointers. It is a beginner- and pocket-friendly tool for SEO professionals and content creators and marketers who are in the pursuit of the best of the content. 


Do you know what Google hates the most? It’s plagiarism. Grammarly is an automated proof-reader and duplicates content checker. As on date, it scans over 16 billion web pages and ProQuest’s databases, highlighting sentences and sections that already exist on the web.

Additionally, the pro version gives advanced recommendations on word choice, sentence structuring, conciseness, clarity, and grammar usage.

It is used mainly by the content marketing providers who are delivering content marketing services in the market and ensuring that their clients receive the best quality content written on the search engine.

Organizing your best blog posts helps save readers’ time that they’d have otherwise spent in search. This could directly translate into doubling the traffic. is a simple-to-use interface aimed at curating and consolidating effective content to boost lead generation ultimately. It collects, publishes, shares, and renovates your posted blogs, giving them a slick new format.

Conclusion | Best SEO Tools for Expose SEO Content Strategies

You shape your tools, and then your tools shape you. Each tool on this page has been hand-picked to boost your content marketing, amplify relevant traffic, and to pose you as an authority in your space.

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