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Does customer support matter when choosing the best recruitment software UK?

Excellent post-implementation care and support should be standard for any tech product, especially recruitment CRM systems. But is that always the case? Let’s explore why it matters and how to go about ensuring that you pick the right recruitment database software when the time comes,

Every staffing agency wants the best recruitment software system because the right tech partner can transform everything. Proactive recruiters will be able to get the greatest results with only minimal effort. There is no doubt that good CRM software has a substantial influence on the results making both hiring companies satisfied and keeping the candidate experience positive.

But it is typical for recruiters to focus only on researching software features and functionality when trying to select the best software for recruitment agencies.

However, it is critical to expand the research beyond these two categories and focus on great customer care. This is applicable for any type of recruitment platform you are seeking – temps software, perm front office recruitment software, or executive search software. Because no matter the recruiting platform, you will need the support of knowledgeable consultants to help you make the most of your agency’s CRM software.

Why does CRM customer care matter in recruitment?

The answer is quite easy. Recruiters are busy and need their tech tools to function perfectly in order not to hinder the workflow. Recruitment software is a tool that is used every day for a variety of different tasks. The data is stored there. Streamlined communication is made possible through the usage of recruitment CRM systems.

Thus, if the platform is out of order, then it is a huge inconvenience. Recruitment also has a quick turnaround time, so it is essential to work swiftly to get the best candidates before they are snapped up.

But it is never guaranteed that you will not run into any problems when you are using your recruitment agency software. Technology has its share of glitches. It is best to be prepared for the times when there is an unforeseen software problem. For this purpose, you will need a vendor that delivers great customer care service during the post-implementation phase as well.

When there is a sudden tech issue like maybe users cannot save data or the platform seems to lag, it can disrupt the workflow and affect progress. And because recruiters are so accustomed to integrating recruitment platforms in almost part of their recruiting progress, it essentially makes their work ineffective.

Hallmark of great client care in recruitment software

So what exactly distinguishes a good CRM software vendor from a great one? The answer is simple in that the great one includes useful features that boost productivity and efficiency while also being easy to use. Additionally, it also doesn’t forget about the importance of providing excellent continual customer support.

When vendors are invested in their customers, it shows in the way they take care of new and old users. Recruiters can read reviews to see whether the product they are considering is also known for being backed up by excellent client support.

This can involve simple things such as picking up the calls, responding quickly to emails, and being friendly and responsive to customers calling to seek support. Keeping the communication line open, transparent and quick is vital to any business. There are many instances of agencies buying a CRM system but finding out that there is no one to pick up the phone to answer queries after a few months of using the recruitment platform.

Good recruitment CRM vendors are also proactive about taking their clients’ feedback to improve the system and the user experience.

Recruiters who are looking forward to buying the best software for recruitment agencies should therefore keep the quality of customer service in mind. Read reviews, do some market research, and ask for customer testimonials before making the final decision.