Excavating construction site with JCB & Hyundai excavators
Excavating construction site with JCB & Hyundai excavators

Excavating construction site with JCB & Hyundai excavators

Infra industry is one of the most complex procedures requiring industries worldwide. This involves a lot of workforce that helps to complete the projects on time. To facilitate the same, heavy machinery comes into play.

These machines accelerate your project through their high capacities for digging tasks, lifting payloads, and so forth. Among various construction equipment, excavators are one important piece of equipment that must be present in the fleet.

However, the existence of numerous options in the market makes it difficult for consumers to decide about which one to purchase. So, today, we bring you a couple of Excavator models from top brands like JCB and Hyundai for you to look out for. Let’s get right into it.

The Hyundai R 210-LC 7 and the JCB 30PLUS excavator

  • Hyundai R 210-LC 7

The Hyundai R 210-LC 7 excavator is one of the most popular excavators in the world. This excavator has an engine of 157 hp that helps this machine run tirelessly in all terrains. This power generated from the engine also allows this Hyundai 210 excavator machine to dig up to a depth of 5820 mm.

In addition, this excavator can do all the tasks easily with its bucket having a holding capacity of 0.92 cum. This excavator also shines bright in the industry with its high capacity operating weight of 20,000 kg.

  • JCB 30PLUS

This JCB 30 PLUS excavator comes from a different league, as this is the mini excavator. This has the same genes but is a player of another game. This excavator comes with an engine producing a power output of 25 hp that lets you complete all tasks on the go. With this amount of power coming from its engine, this excavator has a digging capacity of 3050mm from its bucket of 0.07 holding capacity.

These figures will most surely get your jobs done. Additionally, this excavator can operate with a maximum weight of 2870 kg on itself. That concludes the verdict stating that these two models of the excavator family are your go-to option for either of your applications. For more information, visit Infra Junction.