Roof Racks

Exploring The World With Car Roof Racks 

Are you planning to go on a trip anytime soon? Then having a car roof rack is going to be imperative for you. Car roof racks are essential for people who like the outdoors as they help them easily carry luggage. Gone are the days when you would have to stuff items into your back seat when traveling. With a good car roof rack, all the vehicle seats will be available for passengers as you place all the luggage on top of your vehicle. 

While it may appear obvious to anyone that having a car roof rack would be a brilliant idea, many people underestimate the importance of insight into how to use one. This article gives an ultimate guide on exploring the world with car roof racks, including how to choose one, the benefits of getting one, and safety and usage tips when having a car roof rack atop your car. 

Types of Car Roof Racks 

There are different types of roof racks for cars. However, the main distinguishing features of such roof racks provided by companies like Front Runner are whether they are removable and the mechanism for storage (basket or cover). Removable roof racks are ideal for people who use their vehicles for multiple purposes. When attending a corporate meeting, you do not want your roof rack on your car. As such, if you often use your vehicle for multiple purposes, you should get a removable roof rack that you can attach to your car only when necessary.  

When it comes to mechanisms of storage, basket roof racks allow you to place the items on the roof of your car. You might have to use a rope to keep the items steady and secure on the roof. Alternatively, you can get a covered roof rack as secure storage for items the weather might damage. This is because the covered roof rack encloses the items on the roof. 

How To Choose Car Roof Racks 

Choosing a roof rack is a pretty straightforward process. However, when you want to use your roof rack to explore the world, there are three primary considerations to take note of, as follows: 

First, determine the gear or equipment you want to carry on the roof rack. If you wish to carry specialized equipment or equipment that might get easily damaged when exposed to the elements, you must get a covered roof rack. However, if all you carry is items such as camping gear, canoes and kayaks, and other non-delicate items, a basket roof rack will fit your specific needs. 

Secondly, you must ensure that the roof rack you get can carry the optimum weight you intend to carry. Upon purchase, the manufacturer will indicate the specific weight of the roof rock either on the box or on the roof rack itself. Confirm the specifics of the weight you intend to carry and whether it will match the roof rack.  

Lastly, confirm the dimensions of the roof rack and whether they are compatible with your car. Getting a large roof rack that isn’t compatible with your roof might disadvantage you since you must make extra modifications. Alternatively, getting one that is too small might not fit your car leading to a wastage, especially if the vendor does not accept returns. 

Benefits of Having Car Roof Racks 

Apart from the apparent benefit of having additional storage space for all your items when traveling the world, roof racks have extra benefits, as indicated below.  

First, getting a roof rack provides enhanced comfort and luxury when undertaking long-distance trips. As you place the items on the roof rack, you free up extra space for passengers inside the car. You will no longer have to limit the number of people you can go on a trip with or decrease your comfort for you to carry everything you need on your trip. 

Secondly, putting a roof rack on your car saves money in the long run. Without a roof rack, you will have to hire a large vehicle that will be able to accommodate you, your passengers, and the luggage you need to carry for your trip. The result of this is spending a lot of money on unnecessary things. 

Safety and Usage Tips For Exploring the World With Car Roof Racks 

Having the type of rock you need for your trip is not enough. You also need to employ the best safety and usage strategies to use it best. 

The first safety tip you should take note of is always limiting yourself to the weight restrictions provided by the rack manufacturer. Overloading the roof rock will likely result in more damage since the weight is too much for the car’s roof to handle, causing damage to the car’s body or too hard to secure, causing slippage and possible injury.  

Always secure every item you put on your roof rack tightly to reduce the chances of it falling. Remember to constantly check for possible damages during your trip so that you can identify any issues before they have drastic consequences.

When packing items on the roof rack, always remember the height restrictions provided by the government. According to the Health and Safety Executive of the UK government, the load you are carrying should not exceed 5.03 meters, which is the clearance under highway bridges in the country. You can restrict yourself to this limitation by evenly distributing your items on the roof rack such that they are flat rather than raised. Remember to follow all other laws on roof racks, including how to fasten them and not to obstruct other road users. 

Parting Shot 

If you regularly go on long-distance trips away from your home or lodging facilities, having a roof rack on your car will save you significant trouble and money. The roof rack will be advantageous to you in storing the items you need on your long-distance trip while not compromising your safety, comfort, and the number of passengers you can travel with.  

However, always choose a suitable rock for your car, bearing in mind the dimensions of your car, compatibility, and weight restrictions. When using your roof rack, limit yourself to your car’s weight, height restrictions, and clearance under highway bridges in the country. Doing so will ensure that all your trips are enjoyable and as luxurious as you want.