Wooden flooring is the ultimate choice of house owners; if a budget was not the issue with people then everyone would have loved to have wooden flooring. Wooden floors are rich and elegant and add value to the property. Oak flooring is the most popular and it is the most preferred choice. out of all the people who go for wooden flooring, the majority opt for oak flooring. Now before you choose oak flooring for your house there are certain things which you must know. Oak flooring requires lesser maintenance as compared to the flooring of other woods. Another thing that you must know is that oak floors are a hygienic choice as compared to tiles and ceramic floors. Oak is structurally strong which makes it just the right choice of flooring for commercial and public flooring.


Oak floors come in different grades and as per the grades prices vary, so if you want to scale up your flooring project and budget is an issue you can go for a cheaper grade. If your area has moisture and fungus is an issue then you must go for oak as they are naturally resistant to fungus. Not all wood floors are fungal resistant. Oak floors are timeless and ageless, many trends come and go but oak flooring is timeless and ageless flooring; its fashion never goes out. Oak Flooring is durable and they have a luxurious look, this is very rare. The final installation of oak flooring depends upon the subfloor. Installation is as good as a subfloor. if you compare red and white oak then you will find white oak is slightly stronger than red oak. The grain pattern in red oak tends to have a unique print, where grooves dip and turn.


While having an erratic grain pattern, it is less pronounced when compared to white oak. These were a few things that you must know about oak flooring before you install oak flooring. Wooden flooring is not cheap it is rather expensive so before installing any wooden flooring you must do proper research and market survey that will help you make an informed decision. So if you have decided to have oak flooring in your house you need to be sure that oak flooring is right for you.


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Website: https://www.ecohardwood.co.uk/oak-flooring