Fishing in Quepos Costa Rica

Do you like fishing in rivers or seas? There are different types of fish found in the sea, some of which are extremely dangerous. One of the fighting fish of the sea is the roosterfish. This fish is considered by large fish hunters to be a tough-fighting fish and can have extremely hard effects when hooking up a slab-sided body. The rooster has seven long dorsal spines at the top. This fish’s spine is stretched, making it extremely difficult to catch. When they are aroused use the thin cuts on the back of the roosterfish.  And the fins and other parts of this fish are withdrawn in the shell. You should know its behavior before catching roosterfish. So read to the end of this article and learn about roosterfish.

The feeling of fishing in Quepos Costa Rica

 If you want to catch the roosterfish, you have to know all about this fish that helps you to catch this fish easily. Inshore Fishing Quepos will be a great option for you.

Body Structure of Roosterfish

The roosterfish is structured by two dark, curved stripes. The color of this fish is green which is changeable to black and the bottom part of the roosterfish is white or golden. You will see that the first dorsal fin has two black stripes curved at the base. These body features catch your eyes and inspire you to catch this fish. Normally, their weight is 40 kilograms and their size is about 3 meters. These measures are very different and easily changeable depending on location. It is very interesting, that the eating habits of this species of fish are still unknown. Small fish like to eat crabs, and crabs like to eat national food.


You will get these fishes in coastal areas because they find shelter in sandy places near the wall. You will get them on beaches, lakes, and estuaries as well. As they can live in shallow water without any difficulty until adolescence and when fully developed, their availability is easy than other fishes. There are many species available from June to September of the year. Their movements are very efficient to catch because these species are available in river mouths, rocky places, and swollen solid areas. Its main geographical area is the American coast of the Pacific Ocean and it is available in various countries like Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Catching Methods

These fishes are very popular as food. You can diet by these fishes these are available in different sizes, such as bull or copper fish, and other roosterfish eat. You can supplement your diet by eating these fish. As roosterfish usually live near internal rocks, walls, and surfs, you can use slow trolling live bait in such places. Then you will find them flocking to the stones and walls and surfing at slow speed, trolling live bait. If you want to reduce bait, you should use a downrigger or planner. On the other hand, you can use lures, spoons, sand rigs, and flies as well.


In a half-day trip, you can catch 2 or 3 beautiful fish with bait nearby. In Costa Rica, the fish hunting experience gives you the best day in your life. There is a boat’s skilled crew who helps you to catch Roosterfish easily. So, start your fishing journey with Costa Rica.