Get the Job Done Right with JCB and ACE Backhoe Loader Models
Get the Job Done Right with JCB and ACE Backhoe Loader Models

Get the Job Done Right with JCB and ACE Backhoe Loader Models

The backhoe loaders are the best examples of the introduction of new technology in the construction industry. Therefore, with the help of this state-of-the-art construction equipment, Industry has opened new opportunities by overcoming all the challenges like digging, excavating and more on the site. 

Therefore, today we bring you the backhoe loader models from JCB and ACE to enhance your potential and discover new opportunities in your daily construction tasks. So, let’s immediately know more about the JCB 3DX Plus and ACE AX-124 backhoe loader details. 

The JCB 3DX Plus and ACE AX-124 Backhoe Loader

JCB 3DX Plus 

This backhoe loader from JCB is considered one of the most popular models in the Industry. To validate this, the JCB 3DX comes with a hydraulic oil capacity of 26 litres that lets this backhoe loader carry payloads of up to 1800 kg, with its bucket having a capacity of 1 cum. 

Moreover, you can constantly work with this backhoe loader on the site with its maximum operating capacity of 11000 kg. Moreover, this lets you increase your productivity on the site. Lastly, the JCB 3DX Plus price list starts from Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 32 lakhs. 

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ACE AX-124 

This is your go-to option in the backhoe loader category for finding pocket-friendly construction equipment that can easily complete all your tasks. Starting with its hydraulic oil capacity of 80 litres, you can carry all heavy loads in its bucket, having a holding capacity of 1cum. 

In addition, with this backhoe loader, you can reach a height of 2600 mm with its bucket. Also, it lets you dump your payloads in your tipper or haulier easily. 

To add more, this ACE AX-124 backhoe loader can stand for long hours on the field with its maximum operating weight capacity of 7500 kg. And lastly, the ex-showroom price of this equipment starts from Rs. 23 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 31 lakhs. Therefore, please visit Infra Junction to learn more about ACE AX 124 on road price.