GogoPDF: The Best Online PDF Repair Tool in 2021

GogoPDF: The Best Online PDF Repair Tool in 2021

Having a corrupted document is one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences when managing electronic files, especially if it contains important and confidential information.  Every time you try to open it, a message will appear on your screen stating that you first need to repair it before you can successfully access its content. There are various reasons why documents become corrupted. You probably downloaded it incorrectly or malware and virus attacked it. Another contributing factor for this unfortunate event to happen is if you are using a broken or outdated PDF reader.

Don’t worry because GogoPDF has your back. It offers a repair PDF tool that will attempt to fix the problem so that the file will be accessible again. The process is extremely simple and you can finish it within seconds. Take a look at the information below to get to know more about this 100% free, safe, and reliable online tool.

Understanding what GogoPDF is

GogoPDF is a website that offers various tools that will allow you to manipulate your documents however you want. It aims to improve your productivity and efficiency in using and handling digital files. It can convert Word, Excel, HTML, JPG, and PowerPoint to PDF in an instant. You can use the same tool to turn them back to their original file format. If you need to combine multiple PDF files, you may use its compress tool. You may also utilize the website to edit, merge, and split electronic files. Ultimately, it offers a repair PDF tool that students and working adults consider as the most functional technological innovations that ever existed.

The key features of GogoPDF

  • Offers a quick repair process

You are probably thinking that the process of recovering corrupted documents is tedious and expensive. As a result, whenever you encounter this problem, you no longer exert the effort and time to solve it. You just redo all of its content which is time-consuming and energy-draining. However, it is not the case if you are using GogoPDF. It requires only three easy steps that you can finish in just a few clicks. 

The 3-step process of repairing corrupted or damaged documents

Step 1. Upload the corrupted file on the website

To start the process of repairing your corrupted or damaged file, you have to upload it to the website. Transfer it from your device or an online storage website by clicking the select files button located at the center of the screen. If you are using a laptop or desktop in accessing the repair PDF tool, you may use the more straightforward process of uploading the document. You just have to drag it from your local storage and drop it on the toolbox. 

Step 2. Wait for the repair tool to finish the process

The next thing you have to do after successfully uploading the document you wish to repair is to wait for the process to finish. It will probably take just a few seconds of your time but it might be longer if the file size is too large or the internet connection is unstable. 

Step 3. Download the fixed PDF 

Once the repair process ends, you can then download the fixed PDF on your device. If your smartphone or laptop can no longer entertain new documents due to full memory, you may opt to download it on your dropbox or google drive account. If you plan to share it on your social media accounts, just copy its shareable link and send it to the recipient. 

  • Operates in different platforms and browsers

There is no denying that the website is highly accessible as it can operate on different platforms and browsers. It can repair digital files in all major operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is also compatible with all types of web browsers which means that you can use the one that you are most comfortable with. It can be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox. Besides that, you can enjoy its fast and seamless process of recovering documents even if you are only using your smartphone. 

  • Implements customer information protection policy

The website addresses the need of users for a secure and safe repair PDF tool. Hence, it decided to strictly implement a customer information protection policy. With this, you no longer have to hesitate in using its services because of your fear of becoming one of the victims of data invasion and identity theft. To protect all your personal data and confidential information, it uses the 256-bit encryption technology and 60-minute rule. It will automatically delete your uploaded and recovered files after an hour.

In a Nutshell

You can fix the corrupted or damaged documents without the help of a professional if you use GogoPDF. The website can make it in usable condition again in just a few steps for free. It made repairing PDF easy and less stressful so visit it now if you are having troubles with your electronic files!