Hearthstone Beginner’s Guide

Let’s begin this article by sharing some of the best pieces of advice for a starting player. Remember to take your time learning the fundamentals and see for yourself the fun in Hearthstone.

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Select Your Class

As you move through the tutorial, you will learn one of the fundamental parts of Hearthstone, which is the differences in Classes. Depending on your selection, you will earn attributes, and the shape of your deck will start to change.

For example, the Priest Class will help you gather different Cards that tend to heal your heroes or minions. Similarly to an RPG, each archetype comes with its unique playstyle. 

Make a 30-card Deck

After you pick a Class that resembles your way of playing, the next part is to organize your Deck. In your “early stages,” Hearthstone will give you a Starter Deck for each Class. This Beginner’s Guide recommends playing some matches with the default Deck before you start changing stuff.

When you familiarize yourself with the effects of the cards and start earning victories, you will complete different objectives. Many of these tasks will reward you with Gold Coins, which you can use to purchase “Packs.” Additionally, you can check U7BUY.com and get an advantage with outstanding in-game resources that can give you more packs. 

Inside these Packs, you will grab more cards. Hence, if you’re lucky, those elements could help you improve your Deck.

Always Read the Cards

Many players in the Trading Card Game (TCG) scene tend to make this mistake more than often. Sometimes, you can lose a match because the desired outcome after playing a card doesn’t match what you had in your head. 

When you gather enough practice, you will understand how to use your Deck properly. Still, you might find complications after discovering an opponent with other strategies. We highly recommend that you take your time before issuing a response.

Learning to Manage Your Cards

You need to understand This important (and tedious) part from Hearstone ASAP. Since Ranked Matches are the most popular way of playing this Trading Card Game, you will soon find card limitations. 

Inside Ranked Matches, you can only use those elements that belong in 2 years. In other words, you can play with those recent Expansions and nothing else. For new players, this might not look like a possible issue, but as you remain playing Hearthstone, you will reach this roadblock.

Luckily, this TCG has unique mechanics that can help you keep that winning pace. For example, you can “destroy” the old cards and convert them into Arcane Dust. Afterward, you can use that in-game currency (Arcane Dust) to craft some rare cards. The amount of Arcane Dust in crafting varies depending on the card’s rarity.