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Hollywood motion picture and mobility designer introduces ultra-rare 3D NFT Concept cars with Y0 NFT


Science fiction has always awed with its larger-than-life vehicles. Now, you can own a futuristic vehicle like the ones from scenes in famous sci-fi movies. Sounds too cool to be true, right? Well, a leading Hollywood motion picture and car designer, Matthew Cunningham, is all set to bring such larger-than-life visions to reality with his revolutionary NFT project, namely Y0 NFT.

Y0 NFT has introduced the Syntax, a 3D NFT Concept car that bridges the gap between science fiction and reality. The company is driven by the mission to extend exclusive, limited edition, highly advanced world-class vehicle design in multiple digital formats. Based on a decentralized infrastructure, distribution, and build pipeline, Y0 NFT caters directly to collectors, aficionados, and gamers.

Y0 NFT has kickstarted its initial phase of development with a line-up of 4 limited edition vehicles. All of them have been designed by Cunningham yet each of them stands out with their individual properties and unique traits.


Phase 1 will release the exclusive edition of the Syntax through smart contracts on The launch is slated to be during the Formula one Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, scheduled for May 26, 2022.

Now, although each of the Y0 NFT cars boasts its own unique properties, there are universal guidelines that have been incorporated in the design and operational principles of all the vehicles-

Proof of Concept– One of the major reasons that make the Y0 project stand out is that all the NFT vehicles developed by it are fully realized concept conveyances. Each of the cars has been designed utilizing the same cutting-edge design concepts that are used in esteemed car design as well as Feature Film studios. Put simply, the Y0 NFT cars are packed with exciting stories, state-of-the-art design nuances, and features, that are highly relevant to the automotive, blockchain, and tech enthusiasts.

Utility factor– As mentioned before, the Y0 NFT cars might be inspired by the futuristic concepts of science fiction, yet they assure relevance to reality. All of these exclusive ultra-rare NFT concept cars are drivable in Multiverse, parkable in the user’s digital garage, and printable on home 3D printers.

In an exclusive interview, Cunningham has shared that the Y0 cars carry concepts that can possibly be developed and driven now or in near future, provided they receive proper funding, lead time, and tech backup.

Virtue Signal– Each of the Y0 NFT concept vehicles has been designed based on a particular theme (De in Taoism), guided by a set of ideals. A significant portion of proceeds from every project will be directed to a foundation or cause that supports the same theme or “De” as the vehicle concept, selected by the Y0 community members and founders, who hold the NFT.


About the founder and artist:

A dynamic and visionary artist, Matthew Cunningham is a rare vehicle designer who holds extensive experience in designing vehicles for both car studios and feature film art departments. While he has played a major role in spearheading advanced vehicle concept projects for various esteemed car brands, he has also played a key role in developing vehicle concepts for famous sci-fi movies like Godzilla: King of Monsters, Star Trek: Picard, Space Jam 2, Citadel, and more.


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