Basement Remodeling

How Basement Remodeling Can Benefit Your Home

If you’re thinking of renovating your basement, it can be a good idea to consider a design-build firm. A professional firm has the experience to plan both the practical and aesthetic aspects of your project. A design-build firm such as NEDC has successfully completed whole home renovation projects and has the right expertise to guide you through your project. With decades of experience, they have the tools to design and build a basement that matches your aesthetic and functional needs.


Renovations can increase usable square footage

Adding a second level or finishing the Basement Remodeling Boston is a great way to add additional living space without spending a ton of money. A basement is typically underutilized space in a home, and renovations can drastically increase its usable square footage. These projects can also increase a home’s value as a whole. The benefits of adding additional space to a basement far outweigh the costs.

Finished basements increase the value of a home. While unfinished basements aren’t livable square footage according to the MLS, they can increase the property value by up to $7000. And, if you’re selling the home in a few years, you’ll have a new income source for all that extra space. By choosing a walk-out basement, you can increase your usable square footage while avoiding the costs associated with renovating the basement.


Solve flooding problems

If your basement has recently experienced a flood, it is crucial to act quickly. Once you have discovered the problem, you should clean and disinfect the areas affected by the water. If possible, hire a professional to make the necessary repairs. In addition to cleaning, you should inspect and repair your home’s lateral sewer lines and seal exterior openings. If possible, grade your lawn away from your foundation and extend downspouts five feet from the house. Take photos of damaged items and dispose of them properly.

While assessing basement water problems, it is important to remember that some people have different expectations for their basements. For example, homeowners may be concerned about the appearance of their basement, but it is crucial to understand that the problem is often caused by ground water. Fortunately, most basement flooding problems can be solved by repairing foundation cracks, sloping the ground away from the house, and installing foundation drains.


Increase usable square footage

A finished basement in Boston, MA, can be used for a number of purposes. A finished basement can be an extra bedroom, office space, or even a mother-in-law suite. Depending on the type of remodeling project, the finished basement may even be a rental space. Whether you plan to sell the property or live in it yourself, it can add value to your property. In addition to the added square footage, basement remodeling also allows you to add a bathroom or bedroom. Providing an extra bedroom, bathroom, and living area is an excellent way to increase your home’s value. Creating a separate living area can also increase the comfort and convenience of your property and provide an additional income.

A finished basement can be a great space for the entire family. Many families find themselves overcrowding the house during the holidays. In addition to creating extra elbow room for kids, a finished basement can be an entertainment area for adults. A finished basement can be a great space for parties and activities. Many homeowners find that adding an above-ground room to their home is far more expensive. However, the finished space in a basement will never have the same resale value as an above-ground living space.


Increase home value

Renovating a basement will increase the usable square footage of your home. Compared to an addition, basement renovations are much less expensive. And you don’t have to worry about wasting yard space, which is a big benefit of finished basements. Finished basements will increase the resale value of your home, and on average, they will generate 70 percent more money back than what you invested.



A recent study by Remodeler Magazine compared the cost of a basement remodel to its resale value, based on a similar level of finish. They found that a $1 investment in a basement renovation yielded an average return of $0.79 at sale, which was not a bad return. The return on investment, however, will depend on your situation and your specific renovation needs. The cost of a basement renovation is likely to be in the range of five to ten percent of the home’s appraised value.