How Do You Choose The Perfect Decking Material For Your Outdoor Space?

Adding a deck to your home’s outside area is an exciting project, providing more room to entertain, relax, and appreciate nature. But picking the right one among the many decking materials may be a real challenge for owners and deck companies. Every material has qualities from long-term reliability to visual appeal, maintenance needs, and ecological footprint. So here is the need to get help from a deck builder in Calgary and your location to decide on the best decking materials.

Choosing the Right Decking Material for Your Outdoor Area: A Guide

To assist you in choosing the best decking material and deck railings in Calgary and elsewhere for your backyard paradise, we have compiled this detailed guide.

Think About How You Live:

Think about your daily routine and the ways you want to use your deck before you start building. Do you prefer an alternative that needs little care and attention, or would you instead put in the work to get a natural wood look? Your priorities will guide your material choices.

  1. Using Wood for Decking:
  • Wood That Has Undergone Pressure Treatment:

Chemically treated to withstand insects and rot, pressure-treated wood is widely popular due to its accessibility and low cost. It must be stained and sealed regularly for its look and structural stability.

  • The cedar tree:

Many choose cedar because of its affordability, durability, and natural resistance to insects and decay. Compared to pressure-treated wood, cedar requires less upkeep, But you must still seal it occasionally to preserve its colour and keep the weather conditions out.

  • Redwood:

Redwood is classy because of its rich colour and inherent decay resistance. Compared to pressure-treated wood, its initial cost is more significant and needs ongoing care, much like cedar.

  1. Recycled Plastic Decking:
  • Derived from polyethylene:

Composite decking made of recycled polymers has the advantages of being insect and decay-resistant, long-lasting, and requiring little upkeep. It mimics genuine wood’s appearance and comes in various colours and patterns.

  • Made from polypropylene:

This substance is constructed from recyclable plastics and has endurance equivalent to that of polyethylene-based composite. Decking made of polypropylene is often more visually distinct and has a more complex texture.

  • Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC:

Because it is completely synthetic, PVC decking is resistant to insects, rot, and water. Not only does it keep its colour over time, but it also requires little care and comes in various colours. It may, however, cost more than other composite choices.

  1. Effects on the Environment:

Resources derived from sustainable or recycled resources are a good choice for those concerned about the environment. Check for certifications such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) if a product comprises wood or recycled plastic. A more eco-friendly option is composite decking, built of recycled materials. It would help if you considered deck railings Calgary loves (and in your area) as another factor for deck selection.

  1. Financial Factors to Evaluate:

When deciding between alternatives, your budget will be a significant factor. Composites and tropical hardwoods may save money in the long run due to their low care requirements, even if natural wood alternatives could be less expensive initially.

  1. Things Needed for Maintenance:

Think about how much you’re willing to put into deck maintenance. Choosing a natural wood alternative means you’ll have to stain, protect, and fix it every so often. Conversely, with regular cleaning, composites and PVC decking provide low-maintenance options.

  1. Texture and Visual Appeal:

If you want to make your deck a place you enjoy, it has to look good. Please consider the decking material’s colour, texture, and style to ensure it goes well with your home’s architectural design and your taste.


Deck Builders Calgary loves (and elsewhere) demonstrate that when deciding on the best decking material, you must consider your aesthetic preferences, budget, and environmental footprint. You may confidently choose the decking substance with the help of deck companies that improve your outdoor area. And meet your comfort and style objectives by considering these considerations and researching the available materials.