How long does it take to get an Indian visa for Canadian citizens?


Canadian identification holders can’t get a visa on appearance in India. All things being equal, Canadian guests are expected to apply for a visa ahead of time. Explorers from Canada ought to present an eVisa application somewhere around 4 work days before takeoff.


Process for Canadian Residents to finish the Indian e-Visa Application


The INDIAN VISA FOR CANADIAN CITIZENS (identification holders) is accessible in the electronic application structure beginning around 2014. This is a web-based Indian Visa Application Interaction that needn’t bother with any paper-based conventions to be finished by Canadian occupants. This interaction is available on this site as formally upheld by the Public authority of India under the eVisa India system.


India e-Visa is an authority record allowing passage into and heads out inside India to Canadian inhabitants and residents for the reasons of the travel industry, the movement business, clinical visits, get-togethers, yoga, courses, studios, plan, and exchange, caring undertakings, and other business endeavors on this new plan of Indian e-Visa.


Indian Visa from Canada can be obtained on the web and candidates can pay utilizing Euro or any of the 135 monetary forms including Charge/Credit/Paypal.


INDIAN VISA FOR CANADIAN CITIZENS can be procured in a basic and simple way. The cycle is essentially as straightforward as finishing up a web-based structure in no time flat, simple to finish the installment strategy to complete the Indian Internet-based Visa Application structure.


After your Indian Visa Application is submitted, expecting our staff to require additional affirmation like your ID copy or face photograph we will request you. You could do as such considering our email or move it at some point not excessively far off. Our Indian Visa Assist Work area with canning helps you in 47 dialects. You can send us your data on the web or by email at The public authority of India presently permits eVisa India to be filled for Canadian Residents for visits as long as 90 days for different passages in India.


Indian e-Visa Section Focuses and Rules

You can come to India by 4 methods of movement: via air, via train, by transport or by voyage transport. Just 2 methods of section for India Visa On the web (eVisa India) are substantial, via air and by voyage transport.


According to Indian Government rules for eVisa India or Electronic India Visa, just 2 methods of transport are right now permitted, assuming you are applying for an India vacationer Visa or India eBusiness Visa, or India eMedical Visa. You can come and enter India by means of 1 of the accompanying referenced air terminals or seaport.


In the event that you have a various section Visa, you are permitted to come through various air terminals or seaports. You don’t need to show up to similar port of section for ensuing visits.


The rundown of air terminals and seaports will be amended at regular intervals, so continue to really look at this rundown on this site and bookmark it.


This rundown will be modified and more air terminals and seaports will be included the impending a long time according to the choice of the Public authority of India.


INDIAN VISA AIRPORTS FOR ENTRY, That multitude of going to India with an eVisa India are expected to enter the country through 28 assigned ports of passage. They may, notwithstanding, exit from any of the approved Movement Actually look at Posts (ICPs) in India.



The TVOA office is accessible just at the assigned air terminals and not at some other Migration Really look at Post (ICP). An expense of Indian Rupees comparable to US $60/ – per traveler (counting kids), will be charged from every outsider for the award of a Vacationer Visa-On-Appearance (TVOA).