How to Check Sui Gas Bills Online?

Paying Sui gas bill can be complicated, it is a must and a difficult task especially because the sui gas checkers have been divided among 2 distributors; SNGPL and SSGC and many consumers get confused. However, with a little effort this confusion can be resolved. Upon reading this article you will find that checking sui gas bill online is best and the most convenient option. 

To check SNGPL Bill Online (sui gas) consumer should know a few minor details like how to identify their bill, what distributor they are purchasing from and their consumer number.

Know your distributors:

From a long time, sui Gas, in Pakistan, is supplied by 2 distributors. The northern region is under SNGPL while the southern region is handled by SSGC.  Both of these companies thought that it would be much easier for consumers if they can check sui gas bill online, rather than waiting for it to be delivered at their houses.

 Thus, both companies join heads and provided customers with an online service where they can check their bill status online 24/7. 

Here is how to Check sui gas bill online:

  • Visit the official website of SNGPL. 
  • Input you consumer number in relevant distributors form
  • Click on “Check Bill
  • On a new tab you bill and due date will be displayed

To print and/or Download:

  • Click on the button “View complete bill
  • Here you can spot both print and download button.
  • Click either one you want. 

Online service:

SSGC and SNSPL both sui gas distributors facilitate the customers by providing an easy method to check sui gas bill online. This way users can keep a record of there previous bills and the recent ones. Users can also access their pervious bill and print a copy to keep physical record. 

Duplicate bill can be downloaded and printed from the website. All these services offered are free. No service charges are added to users current or next bill. 

Types of gas bills:

There are two types of gas bills users are offered. 


In this type, the rate is set by the OGRA or Oil and Gas Reulatory Authority for customers in further different categories. The meter in this is issued based on actual reading at which it was installed. 

For industrial use, the pressure factor is required to measure the amount of gas used, even though, normally high temperature and pressure factors both are common units used to determine the usage. 

For household, OGRA is informed by the SHBG tariff for the calculation of their bill. 


In this a types, the rate is set by the OGRA for all categories of consumers a minimum invoice is generated when consumption is null, or too low to be considered. 

About Sui gas;

 Sui gas is in general natural gas that we use to perform our everyday task. It was named “SUI” after a company located in Dera Bugti and Baluchistan with the largest gas compressor and purification system in Pakistan.  


Having option to check sui gas bill online is much more convenient than waiting for the hard copy to be delivered. Many consumers use this option to stay on top of there bill payments and to keeps checking whether they have any unpaid bill left. By simply logging on and adding your consumer number you can get access to your sui gas bill in just a few seconds. And in case if you are facing any issue contact 1199.

Sui Gas Complaint/ head Office:

  • Check Online Sui Gas Duplicate Bill Karachi

Head Office Building-Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, Karachi

Address: ST-4/B, Block 14, Sir Shah Suleman Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Phone number: (+9221) 9902 1000

Mr. Altaf Jatoi
Deputy Manager Shares
Phone number: 021-99021743 

  • Check Online Sui Gas Duplicate bill Lahore

Corporate Affairs Department Sui gas office Lahore.
5th Floor, Gas House, 21-Kashmir Road, P.O Box No. 56, Lahore 54000, Pakistan.

Lahore contact numbers:

Phone: 042-99083732
Fax: 042-99201369


Address: 28-30 Plot, I 9/2 I-9, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan

Phone number +92 51 9257710