How to Choose a House of Character in Malta

Houses with character are among the most sought-after homes in Malta. As the number of “move-in-ready” properties decreases, more owners are trying to hold on to these unpolished gems. In time, this will mean that you will have no choice but to opt for a house that has not been renovated. But there are some tips you can follow. Read on and learn more.


A Traditional house of character is a home with a unique character and charm. Malta has many beautiful examples of these types of homes. They are two or three stores tall with shared external walls. These homes often have a basement and a small garden in front. The interiors of these homes are typically modest and often feature beautiful tile work and beautiful furnishings. There are many other types of Maltese houses to choose from.


A unique house of character is the dream property of many and is a cornerstone of Maltese architecture. These properties are often 500 years old, and some are even over a thousand years old! You can find these properties in any village houses of character for sale in Malta, Gozo, or both. They can range in size and condition, and many are also well renovated and refurbished. Listed below are four tips for finding your unique house of character.


If you are looking for an old-fashioned house, then a property in the south of Malta may be right for you. Unlike modern apartments, expensive houses of character require more maintenance than a new apartment. This includes regular coats of paint, curing damp walls, and maintaining the facade. But if you’re looking for a unique property in Malta, then a house in the south will be a great investment.


Houses of character are becoming increasingly popular in Malta, with many featuring intricate histories and illustrious residents. Some of the most famous houses in the country have changed the course of Maltese history, while others have remained the same throughout the centuries. A variety of reasons have contributed to this recent trend. Despite being an old style of property, houses of character still have many modern features. For instance, they often feature traditional Maltese tiles and natural stone floors.

Located in old village cores

Maltese villages have several distinctive characteristics that make them stand out from newer towns. Unlike newer towns, old village cores usually retain a medieval feel. They are dominated by parish churches. Often, these churches have baroque exteriors and flat rooftops, which contrast with the modern buildings nearby. The church has played a central role in village life and remains a prominent part of many Maltese households.

Constructed of stone slabs

Stone slabs are made from natural rock formations and are both beautiful and durable. Many types of stone are used for building materials and sculptures. Marble, granite, slate, limestone, onyx, and bidasar are some popular types. These stones are naturally slip-resistant and are also used as floors, countertops, and fireplaces. Here are some benefits of using stone for home and office flooring. Read on to learn more.

Attractive to expats

The island of Malta is home to thousands of expatriates. Many of them have started their own businesses in Malta or work for Maltese operations in the country. If you’re considering relocating to Malta, make sure you do some research. Here are a few things to consider:


A house of character is a rare and highly sought-after type of property. Such a property will often have its original features and be unconverted, with modern touches. These homes may also be connected to form a larger home. The popularity of these properties in Malta has led to a significant rise in construction costs. While these houses have been priced higher, they are worth the extra work required. Construction costs of a house of character in Malta are higher than those of a typical modern apartment.