How to Choose the Best Laptop for Pen testing?

How to Choose the Best Laptop for Pen testing?

When we see a programmer or developer, we often get intimidated by their skills. It requires high-level concentration and complex skills to use the appropriate tools and resources to come up with the best mobile application or website. Once the software is developed, the next step is to test and analyse to make sure that the software works efficiently and delivers the expected outcomes. This process of testing and analysing is known as pen-testing. If you are a programmer or developer and looking to buy the best laptop for pen-testing, this post can help you. So, keep reading to understand the factors that you need to focus on while looking for the best laptop for pen testing requirements.

Minimum system requirements for pen testing

With hardware limitations, you cannot perform pen testing using the laptop. Thus, it is recommended to check for the minimum software requirements to buy a laptop with pen-testing. The minimum system requirement to  pen testing is:

Random Access Memory

RAM or Random Access Memory is the most significant factor to be considered while purchasing the best laptop for pen-testing. The testing required to download a large amount of data and applications, so you need to make sure that your laptop has enough space to put it.  Having enough memory helps to complete the task faster without encountering errors. If you choose to buy a laptop with low RAM, you must consider the extendable space.

Central Processing Unit

CPU is responsible for the faster and effective performance of any program. A slow and insignificant CPU can cause your laptop to function slowly. So if you are looking to buy a laptop for pen testing make sure that you go with a good CPU. In the beginning, you can choose the i3 processor, but it is highly recommended to go for i5 or higher. The better speed of your processor will help your program to function better.

Battery life

The battery life of your laptop can be paramount as when the developer tries to debug the application to fix issues, they require long-lasting battery power. Pentesting can take a couple of hours, and having a good battery life makes sure that your processor does not get interrupted in between. It will be wasted if your laptop shuts down during the process, and if you want to avoid this you must make sure that you go for the laptop with good battery life.

Storage space

Storage is also another essential component of a laptop for pen-testing.  you need to keep in mind that you must go for the personal and professional data space for storage. When it is pen testing, SSD is highly recommended over HDD. Thus, you must go for a laptop with extra storage space.

Graphics card

To have a better image and visual experience you must have a good graphics card memory. Go for at least  2 GB of memory for pen-testing, However, a 4GB graphic card will work the best, especially if you want to use the laptop for hacking purposes.


Having a bigger display is not a prerequisite for the laptop with pen testing, but if you go for a laptop with the largest screen size, it will make your job easier. It is recommended to have at least a 15 inches laptop, it will share a better viewing, streaming and gaming experience with you.

So, these are some important factors you must check for purchasing the best laptop for pen-testing. Whether you are a programmer, developer or ethical hacker, you need a laptop with pen testing to check the products and make sure that everything is working fine. That’s All! you are ready to shop for the new laptop for pen testing!