Lectures Zoom

How to Record Lectures Zoom

This How-To will direct clients through utilizing only the essentials of Zoom to record a talk. There are a lot more highlights accessible in Zoom, for example, live conferencing, planning, and so on, however for straightforwardness, those are avoided with regards to this aide.

Connection to a pdf of the guidelines that observe: How to Record Lectures Zoom


  1.       Open an internet browser and explore to: ucdenver.zoom.us
  2.       Click “Sign In” in the top right corner of the main screen.
  3.       Login with your University username and secret phrase.
  4.       At the top-right corner of the screen, mouse-over “Host A Meeting,” then select “With Video Off” (in the event that you decide to not utilize a webcam)

NOTE: You don’t have to have “With Video On” to impart your screen to watchers

5.From here, Zoom will provoke you to download and run a document to send off the application. This can shift in each internet browser, so adhere to the guidelines on the site page to do this effectively.

6.Once the application is running, a popup ought to seem asking how you might want to join the sound gathering. Select Join Audio by Computer.

7.From here, you will be welcomed by the principal page

8.The bottom bar of the principal window for Zoom seems when you move your mouse and has every one of the choices expected to record your talk. To begin with, check that your mouthpiece is working by watching the receiver symbol in the bottom left and guaranteeing that it illuminates green as you talk into your amplifier.

9.Next, click the Record button to start recording.

10.From here, click Share Screen to share your PC screen with those that will watch. A window will spring up asking what you need to share; select Desktop in the top left corner.

11.From here, start your talk and educate as you typically would utilizing introductions, slides, and so on.

12.When your talk is finished, select Stop Share at the top of your screen.

13.The primary window for Zoom will return. Select Stop Recording on the bottom bar.

14.On the most distant right of the bottom bar, select End Meeting. A popup window will inquire as to whether you might want to End the Meeting for All or simply Leave the gathering. Select End Meeting for All.

15.Once the gathering has finished, Zoom will automatically start changing over your recording into a video design.

16.Once the transformation is finished, Zoom automatically opens your recording. The document named “zoom_0” is your recorded record that you can disseminate to watchers.

NOTE: If you close through this window or find that it doesn’t open automatically, you can track down your How to Record Lectures Zoom documents under My Documents – > zoom. The organizers have timestamps on them of when you recorded them.



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