How To Sell Ringtones Online and Make Money

Many musicians’ primary focus is recording and writing music. This is only one piece. Marketing, as well as sell ringtones online, will play a significant role in the success of your career. We understand that selling your music online may be a challenging task. But we are here for you.

This article will explain where, when, and how to market yours.

Selling Your Music Online

Two options are available if you’re looking to sell music online:

  • Your web page.
  • Online music platforms like Apple Music and YouTube are both options.
  • Let’s discuss how to make a website.
  • We’ll talk about the sell ringtones on iTunes services.

Create a Site

It is important to create a website as it is the perfect place to upload your music. Although it may seem difficult to set up a website completely from scratch, it will eventually become a successful business tool that will attract the most fans to your music.

A great benefit of owning your website is the possibility of making more. Fans will be capable of buying directly from the website, as well as being able to receive updates about future releases, discounts, or offers.

Music Gateway View case

We offer a unique platform that allows artists to display themselves and be discovered by music representatives and fans.

Your Artist Portfolio Website will allow you to showcase your music and list your upcoming gigs. You can also let fans buy tickets.

You can also use shoutouts for advertising anything that interests you – including your online store, new music, videos, latest merchandise, or big news.

Online Music Platforms

Once your website has been set up, you’ll want music released on other platforms. This will allow you to reach as many people as possible and get your music on Apple Music. Let’s now look at some of the available streaming services.

Music Gateway Distribution

Look no further for a Digital music distributor. Our intuitive platform is easy to use, making it simple to share your music.

How do we stack up against other online music distributors? Well, MusicDigi distributors, will retain you 100%. This increases your profit and allows you to earn a better lifestyle as an artist.

How Do Make Music Distribution Money?

In simple words, you can make money with both downloads and streaming. Depending on your chosen distributor, they will collect your rights and pay what you owe.

However, it is not just about that. Distribution can have a bigger impact on your songs. Distribution can bring you discovery on a broad range of platforms. This can hugely impact building a following and selling tickets to shows.

Create Your Music

Get the ball rolling? Release your music to your pre-ordered fans first. This will encourage everyone to purchase your new album and increase sales. Next, you should promote your release via your social media accounts and website. We recommend that you create a YouTube account where videos are available. Your fans will still be able to purchase your music at other places. But point them to your site and make it the preferred place to purchase your songs. Ensure that your website’s homepage is updated and that music can be accessed easily.

Stay Connected

You shouldn’t leave the scene once your release is over. Keep in touch through social media, newsletters, or contests with your fans to keep them updated about new music and upcoming tours. Social media can be a powerful tool for marketing your music online. You should post frequently and build a relationship.