HRIS Software Increases Employee Engagement During WFH

HRIS Software Increases Employee Engagement During WFH?

The lockdown announcement in March 2020 forced nearly every organization in India to implement work from home (WFH) policy. While some of them were agile to introduce it on time, some believed that working remotely was not an option, had to rethink and reset their operations. HRIS Software Increases Employee Engagement During WFH?

HRIS Software Increases Employee Engagement During WFH?

In the face of the pandemic, chaos is ruling our country lately. There are confusion, fear, tension, and several more emotions across the business world. Businesses are facing challenges in more ways than one, which even forced most employers to embrace technology as a last option. Organizations of all sizes and stature have switched to various technological advances, including HRIS software.

According to recent stats, only 13 percent of employees in India feel engaged in the virtual setup.

Improves Collaboration

A recent survey stated that 78 percent of employees put their best foot forward if they are valued and rewarded. So, it is the primary duty of HRs to tap the back of those employees who go extra miles for the company.

Companies can also rely on one of the best HRIS software India has. It simplifies this process even more. Using its appealing features, including badges, rewards, etc., HRs can motivate their workforce with minimum effort. Besides, they can even interact with each employee in person, thereby maintaining healthy internal communication.

Increases Transparency & Self-Dependency

HRIS software offers every employee autonomy to access and edit their vital information, including attendance and payroll. This ultimately improves employees’ morale and loyalty during this difficult time. No employee will have to mail his/her HR and wait for several hours/days to know about any important information.

Today, we have the latest news at our fingertips, which means acquiring information is no longer a luxury thing. It has become an expectation! So, disturbing HR managers for every trivial issue/query is so old school.

Hence, employers should invest in one of the top-notch HRIS software India has, which can be used anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Enhances Feedback

Most companies conduct engagement surveys to examine employee engagement, which is both time-consuming and tedious. Using traditional tools, this process becomes even more complicated. Fortunately, HRIS software offers an easy feedback process, allowing both employees and HRs to give and receive instant, real-time feedback.

It is imperative to value those who are working the hardest during this unprecedented time. Even studies have stated that nearly 50 percent of consumers trust companies that show concern towards their employees in times of crisis.

Conclusion | HRIS Software Increases Employee Engagement During WFH?

Now that you have ample options to rely on the HRIS system, it is time for you to implement one of the best software, increase employee engagement, and drive great revenues for your business even during this challenging time.

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