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In 2023, Here Are The 7 Best Tactical Subscription Boxes

These military-themed subscription boxes are worth a shot, whether you’re an avid explorer or want to be better prepared for challenging circumstances. You’ll get a box every two weeks, every month, or every three months filled with valuable supplies like food, survival gear, and more. 

Each subscription box differs considerably in terms of the items you receive and the cost. 

Here are the seven subscription boxes to help you remain always prepared! 

 1. Crate Club 

Known as one of the best monthly tactical subscription boxes, Crate Club ships boxes containing tactical and survival equipment hand-selected by survival experts. They are serious about their job! 

Four boxes are available, and you can subscribe to each box for different months. Each subscription option is less expensive the longer the subscription period. The entry-level or new campers and hikers who’d prefer a cool surprise might consider Crate Club’s lowest-level box, “Lieutenant,” which goes for $49.99 monthly. 

The Captain box has a monthly fee of $99.99 and a delivery schedule every three months. The Major goes for a $199.99 payment, while the General is $1399.99 yearly and $399.99 quarterly. 

You can anticipate finding improved products that are higher quality and more distinctive. Crate Club’s special operations team handpicks all of the gear. This package is for you if you want a quality box. 


BattlBox, which says on its website, “Adventure. Delivered.,” offers a unique set of outdoor subscription boxes. They are distinguished by the content quality and partnership with industry leaders in tactical gear.  

At BattlBox, you may choose from four distinct survival subscription boxes, ranging from the bare essentials (the Basic plan) to an advanced “Pro Plus” level. Each option increases in price until you get to the fourth level. These prices range from $34.99 to $169.99 each month. 

3. Gear Pack 

Survivalism is more than just a means to an end; it’s a philosophy that emphasizes enjoying one’s independence and the outdoors. Gear Pack does not wish to limit your freedom of movement or supply you with extraneous materials; instead, they aim to equip you with all you need to conquer any challenge. 

Even though we know bigger is better, Gear Pack accommodates all needs by arriving in four sizes. The $24.99 basic box is ideal for the newbie survival enthusiast, but there are boxes that are ideal for even the most skilled survivalist. 

There is a burgeoning subculture of survivalists that take the concept of preparing to flourish in isolated regions beyond the realm of doomsday preppers and into the arena of sport and competition. This list provides the means to join this civilization both symbolically and materially. 


This organization thinks education is essential and seeks to supply each receiver with new and vital information and the latest survival gear in every shipment. APOCABOX is aware that the market for survival kits is competitive, but they distinguish themselves by taking a personal interest in you. 

They don’t just give you the tools you need to stay alive; they also show you how to succeed outdoors. Lessons you will tell your children and grandchildren. 

All you need to know to survive in the wild can be sent to your door for just $50 a month, plus each box contains a unique hand-crafted item from an independent artisan. APOCABOX is not here to merely grab your money (there is no need to sign up for a membership) but to help you reach the next level. 

5. The Club Tac

The Club Tac boxes contain everything necessary to survive and defend yourself and others. When our soldiers overseas who are protecting us need supplies dropped off, they count on their fellow soldiers to do it.  

You have faith in Club Tac. The contents of each monthly shipment, curated by military veterans and field-tested by Marines, can range from survival instructions to impenetrable armor. We are confident that you will use Club Tac to your advantage and enjoy it. 

6. Greenman Bushcraft 

If you want to do more than survive, you need this survivalist equipment from the United Kingdom, geared up with insulated sleeping bags, carving tools, and hunting knives. The prices range between £20 to £83 for the mystery boxes, which resemble the adventures that may be found in the wilderness. 

Greenman’s customer-friendly mystery boxes are the first step in preparing for the unknown that will face them once the prepping period ends and they are released into the wild. You have yet to learn what’s in your box, but you feel confident it has everything you’ll need.

7. Knife Pack 

You can expect a new knife from Knife Pack every month. Whether you’re a seasoned collector looking to diversify your collection or a knife enthusiast just starting, this box has something for you. 

The specific models included in each Knife Pack are not specified. However, they guarantee you will receive a premium fixed or retractable blade knife in addition to possible supplementary tactical gear. 

Knife Pack lets you prepay for a single box for a month, three months, six months, or a year. Prices start at $16.95. 


So, there you have it, the rundown of the top military-themed subscription boxes available today online. Which boxes have you tried, and which do you think fits your budget?