Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Suitable AI Assistant To Record Meetings

Using a reliable tool to record meetings comes with many benefits today. With this move, you will get meeting recordings that allow you to review different things regarding the meeting, such as action items and final decisions. Besides, getting to record video meetings may also be ideal for documentation purposes. You can always refer to the document in the future or even share it with people who missed the meeting due to their busy schedules.

For you to get the best out of your online meeting recordings, you need to choose a very reliable tool, such as an AI-powered meeting assistant. In the rest of this blog, you’ll discover a few factors that influence the choice of a suitable AI assistant. 

  1. Automaton 

“Automation” is one of the first factors you need to look for when choosing a reliable tool to record Google Meet meetings, Teams meetings, or Zoom meetings. It’s simple; the right tool should be able to automate its recording process. You don’t have to put in your time and effort every time to manually set up the tool and get it ready for your online meetings.

Meetingtor is a very reliable AI-powered assistant that you can take advantage of to automatically record Zoom meetings and other online meetings. As long as you have it already connected to your virtual meeting app, all you need is to seamlessly integrate it with your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. This allows the assistant to understand your meeting schedules and join the meeting automatically at the right time.

Meetingtor will start recording the meetings automatically if you permit it to do so. Apart from automatically recording meetings, other automated functions you can expect from Meetingtor include:

  • Automatically transcribe the meeting recordings
  • Automated summary and detailed notes of the entire meeting.
  • Meetingtor also automatically shares the recordings, meeting transcripts, and summaries with the participants and other people who missed out, depending on your needs.

Bottom line: choosing a tool that is automated and easy to use is crucial. This will prevent you from spending too much time and energy trying to make the tool work out to record meetings and perform other crucial meeting-related functions.

  1. Advanced search capability 

Should the meeting assistant have an advanced search capability? The simple answer is yes, you certainly need an assistant that allows you to make quick and advanced searches.

Meetingtor is a good tool you can rely on if “advanced search capability” is top on your priority list. This AI-powered assistant will facilitate better retrieval, organization, and analysis of your meeting recordings and other essential data. Having everything organized and easy to retrieve will certainly enhance your productivity and ability to make smart decisions.

  1. Seamless integration 

Will the meeting assistant seamlessly integrate with other apps, which will make it easier for you to summarize, transcribe, or record online meetings? You certainly need to get an answer to this question before going ahead to choose a meeting assistant.

The answer to the aforementioned question is yes if you work with Meetingtor. As earlier mentioned, Meetingtor is an AI-powered assistant that can seamlessly integrate with several apps. For instance, this tool can integrate with your Zoom app to record Zoom meetings. You can also record Google Meet meetings easily, as this tool can seamlessly integrate with Google Meet and other top virtual meeting apps.

  1. Easy sharing

Does the meeting assistant support the easy sharing of meeting videos with participants and other people? You need to also factor in this thing before choosing your meeting assistant. Meetingtor supports easy sharing of meeting recordings, transcripts, and summaries, ensuring that everyone gets carried along with the meeting outcomes. The good thing about Meetingtor is that it automatically shares the necessary files into your account in the form of a shareable link.

Try Meetingtor today to record online meetings quickly and easily.