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After World War II, because all countries are in the stage of material shortage, in order to ensure people’s quality of life, countries have increased the development of marine fisheries, and Emperor crab has also been brought to the human table. King crab is popular in Japan and the Far East of the Soviet Union because of its large size, plentiful meat, good taste and high protein content. In order to cultivate king crabs on a large scale, the Soviet Union seized a batch of king crabs and transported them to the Arctic Ocean, hoping to cultivate cold resistant king crabs.
King crab is made into delicious food
The effect is not ideal. Emperor crabs are basically killed by the Arctic sea water, and there are only 7 left. The Soviet Union’s breeding plan failed, so the seven were discarded in the sea near Norway. Who would have expected that these seven king crabs invaded Norwegian waters, increasing to 50million in just 30 years!
King crab’s sweeping way of eating wiped out Norway’s seabed and destroyed Norway’s original seabed ecosystem. Norway has invested a lot of energy in killing crabs, but the results are not ideal. At this time, the world set off an upsurge of eating king crabs. Norwegians directly sold these king crabs as commodities, but they didn’t expect a good profit. So Norway started the king crab business. Gradually, the king crab, which was originally an invasive species, became a business card of Norwegian fisheries.
Catch king crab for sale
Why is the price of king crab so expensive?
This is because the cost of catching king crab is high, and the risk is also great. Because it perches on the bottom of the sea and can crawl by itself, it is impossible to fish with an ordinary net. King crab’s long legs are not white. When it feels dangerous, it is going to crawl quickly on the seabed, and its flexibility is far more than ordinary crabs. After all, it can run up, down, left and right.
To catch king crab, fishermen must dive. The sea water in Norway is freezing. If you are careless, fishermen will have an accident. According to Norway’s annual statistics, one in seven fishermen who catch king crab dies. In order to prevent people from asking for money but not life, Norway stipulates that they must obtain a professional license to participate in the fishing of king crab. Therefore , there are not many people qualified regarding fishing in the world.
Catching king crab is a dangerous job
It is because the fishing is too hard, even if the king crab in Norway has been in flood, the price of king crab in the market has been high. And the Norwegian fishing speed cannot catch up with the growth rate of king crab. However , the flooding of king crab in Norway is not the most serious. After all, Norwegians can still find a way to catch it. When scientists saw king crab in the waters of Antarctica, an ominous foreboding came to their hearts.

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