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Lalo Review – Is Lalo the Best Family Memories Sharing App?

If you are looking for an app that will help you preserve, discover, and share digital memorial family memories, look no further than Lalo. This digital scrapbook app offers a variety of features, including voice recording, storytelling, and photo albums. Its premium version charges $25 for an ad-free subscription. Besides sharing your family’s memories, Lalo also helps you memorialize loved ones.

Lalo is a digital scrapbook

The app allows you to add images and voice messages to share with loved ones. You can also request to delete your data at any time. Lalo stores encrypted data in Amazon Web Services, and you can request to delete it anytime. The app currently has around 600 users in a closed beta. Users most commonly preserve their memories with voice messages. It’s free and ad-free.

Lalo is a digital scrapbook for family memories. You can add pictures, videos, texts, and even voice messages. There’s no charge to use the app, although the company plans to charge a nominal $25 a year for more storage space. It allows you to share photos, videos, and voicemails with others, and preserve all types of content. This is important because a loss can be especially traumatic.

The idea for Lalo came about as Medina stood at his father’s grave in 2008. The pain felt even more intense than before, and he felt a little helpless. The death of his father may have been triggered by a pandemic, a stressful job, or the challenges of family life. He couldn’t remember any of his favorite memories. Then he got an idea to bring the app to a broader audience. The app makes it easy for people to share memories with those who care about them.

Preserve memories

The free version of Lalo allows you to add pictures to digital time capsule, video clips, text, voice notes, and other content. In the future, you can pay a one-time fee of $25 for more storage space. You can preserve all types of content, including family photos, video clips, and voicemails. Users can curate a private network, so they can communicate without interruptions or ads.

For more information, visit This service is for families. You can create videos, share pictures, and memorialize loved ones. It’s easy to create a personal website for each member of the family, and even add a profile for yourself. It’s free and has a simple interface that allows you to preserve memories. Even if you don’t want to create a website, you can use Lalo to store photos and videos of your family members. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

The app’s popularity has soared in recent years, with millions of users worldwide. Its high download rank indicates a high level of satisfaction. It also has a high user feedback score. Users can slice their memories by country, date range, or version. With its free plan, you can discover, share, and preserve your memories with friends and family. And you can share with family and friends without fear of privacy breaches.

Ad-free subscription

The Lalo family memories sharing app is an ad-free social network that converts memories into digital items. While Lalo is free to use, the company plans to charge users $25 a year for an ad-free subscription. The app allows multiple users to share a space but is optimized for smaller groups, such as those of 10 or 15 people. This limits its appeal to the digitally-savvy but will make the experience more enjoyable.

The company has a high pre-seed funding level and plans to incorporate by the end of 2020. Unlike other social media platforms, Lalo offers a secure, ad-free space for sharing family memories. Users can even upload their own photos, videos, and stories. A subscription to the ad-free version of Lalo costs $25 per year.


The app works like a scrapbook, preserving photos, text, and video clips. Its users can also share the memories with friends and family members. To add more memories, users can invite family and friends, and upload photos, videos, and even voice messages. However, users can choose to upgrade to a premium version that will allow them to store even more content without ads or data sales.