MilesWeb Review The Best Windows Web Hosting in Indiaa

MilesWeb Review: The Best Windows Web Hosting in India

You might already know that web hosting plans can be categorized based on the operating system used. Linux and Windows web hosting are the two types of plans. But there are differences in both depending on the price, applications, and flexibility.

MilesWeb Review:

Cost: Linux hosting is cheaper as compared to Windows hosting. The reason behind this is, Linux is open-source software. You don’t need to pay for using Linux and it allows developers to play with it and improve and customize aspects so that those fit better as per the developer’s preference.

When it comes to Windows, it is proprietary software, which means that you have to pay for the license to use it. However, you may know that most hosting packages include the license cost in the overall cost.

Applications: You get many different applications for use in hosting packages. These are categorized as per the operating system used on the server. Applications are created with a particular operating system in mind, be it Linux or Windows. Some operate well on Linux while some operate on Windows.

Applications that run well on Windows are ASP.NET, ASP, and MySQL. All these have their usage and may decide which hosting operating system will be used by you. This depends on your website requirements. You also get FTP software for Windows from the hosting provider.

Flexibility: Because Linux is open source and so you can customize it as per your needs. It means you get more flexibility in comparison to Windows which doesn’t offer customization features.

Wondering what the best Windows hosting in India provider has to offer? Stay with us to know more.

MilesWeb Introduction

MilesWeb is an India-based web hosting company that was started in 2012. They have won different awards for their security, performance, reliability, and customer service. Aiming to fill the void left by other web-hosting providers, the company offers the latest technology on their servers to deliver superior performance.

You will get quality customer service 24/7 via email and live chat for all the queries related to web hosting. They have their servers based in Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers that provide 99.95% uptime. In case you don’t want to continue with them, you are allowed to claim a refund within 30 days of a service purchase.


Now, let’s take a look at the features available with it. But by knowing the features, you’d be able to make a better decision, if MilesWeb Windows Hosting is best for you.

Free Domain Registration: Any website’s success starts with domain registration. You get a free domain with the Windows hosting plans offered by MilesWeb. Their Swift and Turbo Windows hosting plans allow you to select a free .com, .in, or .shop domain.

Website Migration for Free: Migrate your website to their servers at any time you want to without paying anything extra. All your website data, files, and folders will be migrated by ensuring there isn’t any data loss and downtime.

SSD Drive: Your website performs with high speed due to the SSD drives included on the server. Using flash technology SSDs provide blazing fast speed for your website.

Plesk Control Panel: Managing your hosting account becomes easy with the Plesk control panel offered with the Windows hosting plans. May it is your website, domain, databases, and emails, all is easily manageable with the help of the Plesk control panel.

1-Click Installer: You can install as many applications as you want to, with the 1-click installer. Over 400 applications are included with the plans for your selection.

Secure Email: Emails can be accessed directly using any web browser on Mac, Windows, or other mobile devices. They provide support for POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols for sending as well as receiving emails.

Programming and Database: You get different programming languages with their plans such as PHP, ASP/ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.6, SSICurl, MVC, GD Library, AJAX, MySQL, and MS SQL 2012 Express.

Instant Account Setup: Account setup takes no time once your payment gets confirmed. No waiting for long hours to set up your business online.

If you have any doubt related to Windows hosting, you can check for the tutorials based on common queries on their YouTube channel:

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No doubt you are getting great features, but the important question is whether MilesWeb Windows hosting is right for you? The answer to this question is easy once you’ve confirmed your requirements for your website.

After you understand this, you will be able to compare the features to your needs. When you want to use have the best customer support, high uptime, and blazingly fast performance, MilesWeb is surely the best option to go for.

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