MMR and RR in Valorant – Easy To Understand Guide

When it comes to your Valorant gameplay, two metrics hold significant weight: Match Making Rating (MMR) and Rank Rating (RR). These numbers work behind the scenes to determine your competitive experience. Let’s break down what these ratings are and how they affect your journey up the competitive ladder.

The Invisible Factor: MMR

MMR, short for Match Making Rating, is a hidden figure that influences your competitive standing. Picture a vast, intricate ladder—your MMR decides which step you’re on. Valorant employs this number to match you with opponents who are roughly at your skill level. According to Riot Games, no two gamers can occupy the same step on this metaphorical ladder.

Your performance in matches directly impacts your position on the MMR ladder. Wins and losses, as well as individual plays, affect whether you climb upwards or face a downward slide. Riot Games assures a balanced competitive scene by considering not just the sheer number of your wins, but also the quality of your gameplay.

All About RR: Rank Rating

RR, or Rank Rating, is what you earn post-match and is influenced by your overall performance and match outcome. To rise in the competitive ranks, you need to amass 100 RR points. How these points are divided can vary:

  • Wins: 10-50 RR, with an extra 5+ RR for Diamond ranks and above
  • Losses: 0-30 RR deducted, up to 50 RR for Diamond and higher
  • Draws: 20 RR for ranks ranging from Iron to Diamond

It’s worth mentioning that dropping to zero RR can result in a rank demotion. However, Valorant softens the blow with ‘demotion protection,’ ensuring you don’t fall below 70 RR for the new rank you land in.

MMR vs. RR: How They Differ

While RR is a measure of your competitive ranking, MMR serves to match you with players who share your skill level. Riot Games uses your MMR as a predictive tool to gauge your expected performance. As such, when you’re placed in a match, it’s at the lower end of your skill estimate.

Winning consistently indicates that you deserve a higher spot on the ladder, affecting both your MMR and RR. The more you win, the more points you earn; conversely, losses don’t hit as hard.

Riot Games aims for a ‘convergence’ between your MMR and RR scores. In an ideal scenario, your RR would mirror your skill level, and your MMR would validate that you deserve to be at that rank.

Quality Over Quantity: Climbing the Valorant Ladder

Though it may be tempting to engage in a marathon of matches to ascend the ranks, Valorant’s system values the quality of your wins over the quantity of your matches. The game assesses not just whether you win, but how you achieve those wins, factoring in your skill display throughout your matches. So remember, when it comes to rising through the ranks, skill reigns supreme.

Understanding these two pivotal ratings—MMR and RR—can significantly help you navigate Valorant’s complex competitive landscape. So gear up, aim high, and may your MMR and RR scores reflect your true gaming prowess!

MMR Boosting Method:

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The Process

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Frequently Asked Questions About Boosting and MMR

What is MMR and how is it different from RR?

MMR stands for Match Making Rating, an internal system that games like Valorant use to match you with players of a similar skill level in competitive modes. RR, or Rank Rating, is the visible score you see, which increases or decreases based on your performance in competitive matches. While MMR is more about determining your skill level for the purpose of matchmaking, RR is about progressing through the ranks.

Is boosting safe for my account?

Safety and security often vary between different boosting services. Always choose a reputable service like, where your account information is treated with confidentiality. The risk to your account depends on the credibility of the boosting service you opt for.

How long does it usually take to see results from a boosting service?

The time it takes to see noticeable results can differ based on the specific boosting package you choose. For more accurate reviews, check THE 5 BEST VALORANT BOOSTING WEBSITES 2023 However, most quality boosting services aim for a quick turnaround, with some offering results in as little as 24 hours.

Does boosting affect my MMR or just my RR?

Generally, boosting services aim to increase your RR, which indirectly should improve your MMR. Winning more games at a higher rank will naturally result in a higher MMR, aligning your Match Making Rating with your new, boosted RR.

Can I learn from using a boosting service?

Absolutely, especially if the boosting service provides you with game insights or allows you to spectate matches. Observing how a higher-ranked player maneuvers through the game can provide invaluable learning opportunities. Some services offer ‘duo boosting,’ where you play alongside a booster, allowing you to gain firsthand experience.

Choosing a reliable boosting service can help you navigate the complexities of MMR and RR, guiding you toward your desired rank while also enhancing your understanding of the game.

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