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Optimizing Call Center Operations: Efficiency and Cost Savings with Predictive Dialers

Call centers are trying out every technological advancement in automating the manual process involved in their service. Would you imagine an agent manually dialing thousands of calls in a day? This is why call centers are implementing advanced softwares like auto-dialing that can automate monotonous calls. But, what if the automation is enhanced to the level it can analyze the situation and take effective decisions on call handling? This is what a predictive dialer service is capable of. Here, we will discuss how to optimize call-center operations with predictive dialers to make them more productive and cost-effective. 

Understanding Predictive Dialing Technology

Predictive dialers are the enhanced version of auto-dialers. In addition to automation, it also enhances productivity by minimizing the idle time of the handler. This predictive dialer uses data analytics algorithms to make predictions regarding who to call when to call, and which agent to map the call with. This human-like analysis in a matter of seconds without involving any human interaction is the key feature of predictive dialers. There are also cloud-based predictive dialers that run in the cloud environment maximizing the efficiency of the call centers

Predictive Dialers in Call Centers

By selecting the best predictive dialers for your call centers, you can analyze the agent’s availability and schedule calls accordingly. It schedules the call right before their availability making it efficient for them to not waste time unnecessarily. Also, if a receiver is busy with any other calls, or not answering, the predictive scheduler will reschedule their calls at other times. Also, route the agent to connect with the next available receiver without wasting a second on it. By this, you can not waste any time and ensure the efficiency of the whole process. 

Predictive Dialer in Enhancing Efficiency

Implementing predictive dialer technology in your call center solution will improve the efficiency of the calls, and the entire communication process. Here are the reasons how it will impact the efficiency of the business. 

Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer – Predictive dialer services are easily compatible with cloud technologies. These cloud based predictive dialers have a tremendous impact on your call-center process. When your data are hosted in a cloud network, your speed of retrieving and accessing the data will be double. Also, you can store a huge amount of data in a virtual server and that increases your storage capacity. 

Optimizing Call Volumes – The predictive dialer will closely analyze the call duration, efficiency of the handler, and availability. Based on this, the predictive auto-dialers will adjust the calling pace. The number of calls to be made at a particular time for an agent is decided based on the predictions. This can improve the productivity of the agent and the whole process by not wasting time on non-productive calls.

Automatic Call Routing – Call routing is the process of mapping the customers with the available agents. Auto-dialers are responsible for this process. Predictive dialers go a step beyond and map the calls to agents who are capable to handle the specific customer. These predictive dialers analyze the customer background and interest and map them with the agent with the right skill set for handling the customers’ queries. 

Predictive Dialer in Cost Savings

A predictive dialer doesn’t really have to be cheap or budget-friendly to be cost-effective. If the dialer is cost-worthy and efficient enough in its process, you actually saved a significant amount from spending no wasting time on unproductive calls. Here are some of the reason that makes a predictive dialer a cost-effective one.

Reduced Dialing Errors – When crossing around 50 calls in a day, human will lose their focus and might end up making mistakes in dialing. But, when you use an auto-dial enabled with the predictive analysis, your software will automatically dial the right person without making any human errors. Your agents might handle the conversation part while the predictive dialers do the dialing process. When errors are reduced, you are saved from spending money on many wrong calls.

Flexible to Scalability – When your call center is about to scale up or scale down its business size, your predictive softwares might adapt to the unexpected scalability. Optimizing call volumes based on the requirements, you can easily distribute the calls to the agents based on predictive analysis. You can save your time from resuming the process till this scaling operations are done. This self-adaptability without any major revamps will minimize your spending. 

Skips Unproductive Calls – By actively skipping the calls that are not available to answer, you can minimize the wait time of the agents. On the other hand, predictive dialers will also help customers in reducing wait time by routing their calls to available and suitable agents. By this, you can minimize idle time and ensure only productive calls are scheduled. This helps you from spending on unproductive calls and makes your system a highly efficient one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do predictive dialers help in improving agents’ productivity?

By using predictive dialers, agents’ idle time is considerably reduced. This predictive dialer will not waste time on unproductive calls, analyze the previous calls, and schedule calls with the active ones. This will help agents to match with suitable receivers and improve their productivity. 

2. How does predictive dialer help in cost savings?

When a lot of unexpected waits, bounce calls, and delayed responses are eliminated, all you are spending on is only the valuable calls. This saves you from recording many unproductive calls in a schedule. This is directly proportional to the worthy money you invest in it. 

Final Thoughts

Knowing that predictive dialers can act like an intelligent system, take predictive decisions, and then schedule calls for the agents, call centers would rely on such systems to increase their efficiency and cost savings. By actively eliminating unexpected delays in call connections and unanswerable calls, you can improve the efficiency of your call centers.