Portable ramps: everything you need to know before buying

Moving places, climbing stairs, and reaching out to your destination when you have special needs. Where it is not possible to manage stairs on your own, and you have to look out for a solution that comes in handy every time you have to bear with a difficult situation. It is at those times that you have to look out for portable ramps. The need for portable ramps is inevitable for all those people who have to manage stairs efficiently, and therefore, finding the right portable ramps with respect to your needs is always on the cards.

But before you choose some kind of portable ramps that are available in the market. It is important to look out for the ones that cater to your special needs and stand out from others.

Here are some of the aspects that you need to consider when you are looking to buy portable ramps.

  1. Portable ramps for stairs:

One of the best things to learn is that there are a wide variety of options that are readily available in the market, and therefore, you need to pick and choose the right option accordingly. However, the portable ramps that you choose need to be based on your personal requirements.

What to consider when ordering your portable ramps.

  1. What length of ramp suits you?

One of the very first questions that you need to answer about these portable ramps is what kind of length that you are going to use. The answer is available in the stairs that you are looking to replace with your ramps. 

According to the statistics, there is a clear formulation provided by the American Disability Institute, which suggests that 1 foot of the ramps will be replaced by the inch of the stairs and, therefore, becomes a great deal for all those who are looking to replace stairs with ramps.

In addition to the calculation of the inch rise of the stairs with the ramps, you also need to calculate the width of the ramps in accordance with your wheelchair.

Ask your friend or a loved one to measure all these details for you when you are looking to buy the ramps. This allows you to get the proper width and length of the ramps that you are looking to replace.

Moreover, asking the retailers about the perfect choice will also be helpful as they guide you about the accurate selection of the length and width of the ramps.

  1. Cost of the ramps:

When looking to invest in portable ramps, one of the deciding factors in all those selections is dependent upon the cost of the ramps. There is a wide range of ramps that are easily available in the market, especially when the ramps that you are looking to pick are for moving the wheelchair from the car.

Moreover, it is important to note that the cost of the ramps depends upon the kind of material that you are picking from. The ones that are known as modular ramps don’t require a permit to use, and therefore, you could easily look into the cheaper and more affordable ramps.

However, when you have decided on the budget for the ramps, it allows you to narrow down your options and gives you an idea about the cost of the ramps that fit into your budget as well.

Thus, allowing you to pick those ramps that are affordable gives you a comfortable choice and allows you to choose ramps that are the most suited ones.

  1. Ease of use:

When you are picking up the ramps, it is important to understand that these ramps are designed for ease of use. Most commonly, portable ramps are the ones that are designed for ease of using the wheelchair. However, it is important to understand that the ramps that you are investing in are portable, affordable, and provide you with ease of use.

Therefore, before you shortlist some of the portable ramps that are available in the market, provide you with ease of use. Check and use the ramps a few times before you finally make the decision to buy them. Remember, portable wheelchair ramps give you the chance to use those ramps for a long time.