Pros And Cons Of Adopting Follow-For-Follow Strategy On Instagram

Pros And Cons Of Adopting Follow-For-Follow Strategy On Instagram

As Instagram has become the hub of online marketing, businesses and brands across the platform are pivoting towards joining the bandwagon and becoming part of the online market. 

The advantages of creating an Instagram account are many, you expand your market, reach your target audience with ease, know the latest trends, among many others. However, how does one tackle the market and come out successful? While many strategies have been tried and tested in this field, there is one that has been adopted by marketers the most. 

In this article, let’s discuss the pros and cons of adopting a follow-for-follow strategy on Instagram.



#1 Increased number of followers and visibility

When you adopt a follow-for-follow strategy on your account it is bound to grow. You’re not only increasing the number of followers your account has, but you’re also increasing the visibility of your account. 

People who are creating content in your niche or similar to it will be able to find you easily on their feed or in their recommendations. 

#2 Chances of increasing profits are highly likely

As a business or retail account, the follow-for-follow strategy on your account will help you in increasing profits by increasing the rate of conversions in both products and services. When you reach out to fellow niche accounts, you’ll be able to expand your market as you’ll be able to reach their followers as well. 

#3 Ranking on hashtags is accelerated

Hashtags on Instagram play a pivotal role. With a follow-for-follow strategy and the right hashtags, your account will positively increase in both quality and quantity. The follow-for-follow strategy will help you in gaining more followers and visibility and thus as a result, you’ll be able to rank on your niche hashtags, 


#1 Instagram algorithm has changed

Instagram has made a few tweaks in its algorithm that has made it a little difficult for marketers to thrive only through the follow-for-follow strategy. Therefore, while the follow-for-follow strategy may seem the best option, it is best if you use a few other strategies along with it, for example, regular posting schedules, engaging content, etc. 

#2 Newsfeed will be chaotic

The follow-for-follow strategy cannot be applied only on accounts that belong to your niche, so to thrive you must branch out and get in touch with other creators. This makes your feed all the more chaotic and clustered as people from niches that don’t have any connection to yours will become a regular feature. 

#3 Quantity over quality

One of the main reasons why people opt for other strategies is that the follow-for-follow strategy may increase your followers, but these followers only increase the number, but will hardly ever engage in the content you create and publish. 

In conclusion

In this piece, we listed the pros and cons of adopting a follow-for-follow strategy on Instagram. 

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