Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy

Protect Your Employees with a Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy

Employees are the backbone of any organisation. They ensure smooth operations and growth. If employees are happy, the company is too. The best way to ensure employee contentment is through group insurance coverage. Group mediclaim insurance policy comes in handy when employees need medical cover. While individual policies cover individual members of a group (group health plan), group policies cover a group of people, family members included, under one policy.

The benefits of a group mediclaim insurance policy include tax benefits, cost-effectiveness, and a hassle-free claim process. This blog will cover all of that and more. But before getting into the benefits of group mediclaim insurance policy, let’s discuss choosing the best health insurance policy for your employees.

How to Choose the Best Health Insurance for Your Employees?

A group health insurance plan can provide a great way of covering your employees’ medical expenses easily and quickly.

When choosing a group health insurance plan, a few things to consider include coverage period and individual or family coverage, deductible, coinsurance, and cost-sharing. A low waiting period is also essential as it would save time and money for the employer. Opting for policies with low waiting periods under Star Group health insurance would ensure maximum benefits at a minimal cost.

Also, individual health insurance plans would provide comprehensive coverage and add-ons such as hospitalisation expenses, maternity benefits, prescription benefits, and more. Plus, tax benefits are available if employers offer health insurance to employees.

Benefits of Group Mediclaim

Group mediclaim policies provide comprehensive and affordable medical coverage for corporate offices, credit societies, educational institutions, and travel companies. These policies cover expensive medical treatments incurred during hospitalisation resulting from an accident or illness. To be eligible, employees must be covered under a policy of a group of individuals who are insured under the policy.

Group mediclaim policies have benefits that individual mediclaim policies cannot offer. Some of these benefits include medical expenses in case of hospitalisation due to an accident or illness covered by the insured policy sum. This sum insured can be used to cover medical costs incurred during hospitalisation. It could also cover medical expenses incurred after discharge from hospitalisation, such as home health care, rehabilitation, and day-to-day expenses like food and clothing.

Another benefit of group mediclaim policies is that they are economical compared to individual mediclaim policies, which cover medical expenses at group rates. Besides, group mediclaim policies safeguard employees and their families against medical emergencies with coverage of hospitalization expenses up to a specific sum insured. Employers should consider the premium amount and sum insured when selecting the best group mediclaim policy for employees.

Health Insurance Cover for Family

A group health insurance plan typically covers the insured’s family members. Employees may include their dependents in the program or purchase a separate family floater health insurance plan. Pre-existing diseases are typically covered from the start of a policy. Maternity coverage is included in group health insurance plans. Additionally, comprehensive coverage is provided for medical expenses such as ambulances, medicines, and specialist fees. These benefits make group health insurance one of the best healthcare options for employees and their families.

Adequate Cover at Cost-Effective Premium

A group mediclaim policy provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses such as ambulances, medicines, specialists, and more. It allows employees to cover medical expenses in a group at a lower cost than individual health insurance policies. This makes group mediclaim policies affordable for employees and their families who need medical coverage but cannot afford separate health insurance policies.

Employers can also benefit from sponsoring group mediclaim coverage for their employees without deducting from their wages, boosting morale and increasing employee retention. The premium for the policy is usually divided among the employees and removed from their salaries, making it affordable to all. Suppose your company is interested in providing health insurance benefits to its employees. In that case, a group mediclaim policy could be a cost-effective option that provides comprehensive coverage at a low premium.

Boosting Employees

One of the main benefits of group mediclaim insurance is that it covers employees and their family members against medical expenses. This can be especially helpful for companies with a large number of employees. A group health insurance plan will cover all employees, which can help companies save on healthcare costs. Such policies also help companies protect their employees against medical emergencies. Such policies provide health protection for employees and their families against medical expenses. It is vital to check the validity of inputs such as employee name, mobile number, and address when opting for a group mediclaim insurance policy.

Hassle-free Claim Process

Group mediclaim insurance policies are convenient and directly under the purview of the employee. They provide a hassle-free claim process that ensures the claim is approved quickly and without hassle. With group mediclaim insurance, employees can be confident they will be covered in medical emergencies.

Group mediclaim insurance policies cover various medical expenses for employees and their family members, including hospitalisation and medical costs, pre-existing medical conditions, maternity benefits, and more. It’s essential to check the policy details before applying for coverage to ensure you understand the scope and exclusions. Additionally, it’s a good idea to compare group mediclaim insurance policies to find one that best suits your needs and budget.

Tax Benefits

Group Mediclaim policyholders may be eligible for tax benefits under Sec 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Group mediclaim policies are cost-effective for employers and employees as they cover health insurance coverage at a minimal cost. By providing comprehensive coverage to their employees, group mediclaim policies save companies money by eliminating the need for individual health insurance policies. Generally, group mediclaim policies offer a higher sum insured for a lower premium than separate health insurance policies. This means group mediclaim policies provide superior coverage at a lower cost than different policies.

In addition to tax benefits, group mediclaim policy premiums can be tax-deductible for employees and employers. This helps companies save money while ensuring that employees have adequate health coverage. Overall, group mediclaim insurance is an effective way for companies to provide health insurance to their employees at a low cost.


Group medical insurance is cost-effective to ensure employees’ access to high-quality healthcare coverage. It also helps in employee retention and the retention of skilled medical professionals. Besides, group medical insurance saves you the time and hassle of individual claims processing and ensures standardised claims submission. If you’re looking for health insurance options for your employees, call our team today! We’re here to help you design a health plan that suits your business needs.

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