Rostah Rah

Rostah Rah Makes Waves in the Industry With The Royal Family Records Label

Rostah Rah, who was born in College Park, Atlanta, and now resides in the city of Dallas in the state of Texas, is resolved to produce the highest quality artwork possible no matter where she is. Her principal objective, in the midst of her consistent release of projects with The Royal Family Records, is to adopt a more professional approach while also demonstrating that her detractors are mistaken. At the moment, Rostah Rah is putting in a lot of effort to improve his craft in the hopes of reaching the pinnacle of success in the field of music as an art form. Her unique inspiration is what sets her distinct from others, and despite the fact that she is so multifaceted, she has performed her songs all throughout the country. “I’m currently working on my first official album. It is scheduled to release by July 24th. This album will be a deeper insight into my emotional and physical journey as a female rapper adapting to the expansion of my wisdom as I age and my personal life.” Her motivations set her from an ideology to never fail. “My family, I want to create generational wealth for my nephews and future children.”

With your music, where do you want to travel and promote?

I’d like to be able to share my music everywhere eventually.

Who is a part of your team?

Currently I am teamed with The Royal Family Records record label.

If you want to collaborate with anyone, who is that one person?

I’d like to collaborate with Koffee.

Rostah Rah lives in Dallas, so she has had many chances to perform at the Dallas Open Mic, where she often takes part. She has been on the scene for a long time, so she has been given the chance to tour the country and promote her music there. More so specifically, Atlanta.   This has affected her music career in the sense that she has set up and taken part in a number of collaborations in Texas and Georgia. Rostah Rah is a well-known singer and business owner who has done well in both fields. Even though things don’t always go as planned in the real world, Rostah Rah is not going to give up. Rostah Rah is a great performer because she has the traits of an artist who will last for a long time. “I frequently perform at Royal Lanes Studios and The Green Elephant in Dallas. I’ve been to many smaller scale open mics in Atlanta as well.” These things help her connect with the people who listen to her. Her style of music has always been interesting, and she thinks it is always changing and developing into a new style.

Rostah Rah is now devoting every last bit of her strength and stamina to preserving her reputation in the hopes that others would continue to look up to her in the future and use her as an example. As a direct result of this, she will be in a position to bolster the foundation that she has already established by constructing more elements atop it and broadening the scope of those elements. Because this is something that she can do to make a positive contribution, it never fails to brighten her day when the audience’s impassioned response to what she can do to contribute to the general development of the community is transferred to her. This is because this is something that she can do.




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