Special Cards in EA FC 24 – Player Programs

Player Programs in the context of Ultimate Team refers to regular recurring content that is separate from the main campaign content. These programs include various features and events designed to enhance the gameplay experience and provide players with additional content to engage with. If you want to buy EA FC 24 coins or any boosting services to improve your EA FC 24 Team, visit U7BUY. And U7BUY doesn’t stop at just providing EA SportsĀ  FC 24 coins. They also offer FC 24 boosting and coaching services that can take your team to the next level.

Welcome to the Club

In the first season, known as “Welcome to the Club,” players are introduced to starter squads from different football leagues around the world. This allows players to explore and experience the diverse talent and teams from leagues such as Eredivisie, Liga F, NWSL, and MLS. Throughout Season 1, Squad Foundations will be released, featuring players from these leagues. These Squad Foundations players can be obtained in various ways, such as by completing objectives, participating in squad-building challenges (SBCs), and progressing through the season.


One of the exciting events in Ultimate Team is Showdowns. Showdowns are head-to-head competitions between two players in upcoming matches. The winner of the showdown receives a +2 OVR (overall rating) increase to their in-game item, adding an extra layer of excitement and reward to the game. This year, Showdowns will feature more leagues and important matches from both men’s and women’s football, showcasing the growing inclusion of women’s football in the game. Some recent examples of Showdown cards that were released in FIFA 23 were 96 Marcus Thuram and 96 Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

Team of the Week

Another highlight of Ultimate Team is the Team of the Week (TOTW). TOTW is a weekly selection of the best performances in world football, capturing the exceptional moments and achievements of players. This includes performances from the top 5 women’s leagues, giving recognition to the talented female players in the game.

Dynamic Duos

To assist players with squad building, Dynamics Duos were introduced last year and will continue to be a part of Ultimate Team. Dynamics Duos are special player releases that feature two players from the same club. This year, Dynamics Duos may also include players from both men’s and women’s teams, offering more possibilities for hybrid squad building across both football categories.

Other Special Cards

Ultimate Team also celebrates standout moments, prolonged greatness, and the entirety of a player’s career through special versions of players. These include Player Moments, Flashbacks, and End of an Era versions. These unique player items add depth and collectability to the game, allowing players to relive and commemorate iconic moments and players in football history.


Campaigns play a significant role in Ultimate Team and will feature women’s footballers in key releases. Women’s players will be made available through Campaign squads, as items in packs, as objectives, or as SBC rewards.


The inclusion of women’s football in campaigns highlights the importance of representation and provides players with the opportunity to engage with and appreciate the talent in women’s football. We will keep updating you on the UEFA Road to the Knockout Campaign Squad, as it promises exciting content and rewards related to the prestigious UEFA competitions. For more EA FC news and guides, you can explore U7BUY site here! And keep an eye out for exclusive offers and discounts for EA Sports FC coins.