Step-by-step Guide On How To Buy Pearl Earrings

Are pearl earrings worth investing in today? We get this question a lot of time and to answer it, we’ll say yes. Although pearls are not in the league of gold and silver pieces when it comes to making better investment plans, you can still rely on them because of their good resale value. As long as you buy the right pearl earrings and take good care of them, you’ll certainly not go wrong with these items.

But here is a quick question, what factors should you put in mind when choosing suitable pearl earrings?

  1. Types of pearl earrings

Today, gemstone earrings made with pearls are available in four main types. So, before going ahead to buy any product, you need to take time to decide the type of pearl that suits your needs. Below are the different forms of pearls you should know about:

  • Akoya pearl earrings
  • Freshwater pearls
  • White south sea pearls
  • Gold south sea pearls
  • Tahitian pearls

Akoya pearl earrings

Akoya pearl earrings are produced by Japanese Akoya oysters. The best time to go for this type of gemstone earrings is if your budget falls between $250 and above and you’re interested in buying classic white pearls. Akoya pearls are also worth buying if you like perfectly round gemstones, which are bright with great luster. On Masterpiece Jewellery, one Akoya product worth buying today is the 18kt Yellow Gold 5mm Akoya Pearl earrings studs.

Freshwater pearl earrings

Freshwater pearls are a lot cheaper when compared to Akoya pearl earrings. You should consider these pearls if you’re only interested in products below $300. A good product worth buying on Masterpiece Jewellery today is this Sterling Silver Hook earrings with Black Freshwater Pearls.

White south sea pearls

Are you interested in high-end pearls with undeniable presence? If yes, we advise that you go for white south sea pearls. You should try these pearl earrings if you’re more interested in luxury items of $400 and above. A good example of white south sea pearls worth buying now on Masterpiece Jewellery is this 18kt White Gold 9mm South Sea Pearl and Pink diamond earrings set.

Gold south sea pearls

Gold south sea pearl earrings are certainly worth buying if glamorous pearls are top on your list of pearl products to buy. These products are very expensive and you should only go for them if your budget is between $1,000 and above. One product we recommend you consider buying today is this 18KT Yellow Gold South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings.

Tahitian pearl earrings

Tahitian pearl earrings are usually black in colour. So, if you’re interested in exotic black pearls and your budget falls between $200 and above, you should consider these products. You’ll also find these products available in a rainbow of color. You can check out Masterpiece Jewellery today to find some of the best Tahitian pearl earrings that suit your budget and lifestyle.

  1. Size

Does size matter when it comes to choosing the perfect gemstone earrings? The simple answer is yes; the size of your pearl studs or earrings can always influence the overall appearance. If you want to make a bolder statement, it makes sense to go for larger pearls. You should only go for smaller pearls if you want to look more classic.

  1. Your budget

Your budget certainly matters when buying suitable pearl earrings. Not all pearl pieces are created the same. Some products are more luxurious and will cost more than others. As such, you need to clearly define your budget if you want to choose the right pearl earrings and studs on Masterpiece Jewellery.