Store Mannequin: Discover the Models and Their Advantages

Guys, a mannequin is a model of the human body used to display products such as clothes, glasses, and jewellery and even help create pieces. The cool thing is that there are several types of fashion mannequins, so one will definitely be ideal for your business or store.

Suppose you’re looking for a dummy to buy and are willing to learn how to choose the best one for your store. In that case, you’re at the right place, as we’ve discussed the several types of mannequins for sale in the market. Come with me to find out the best store where you can shop for retail displays!

Top Types of Mannequins for Sale in the Market

Conventional Mannequin

The conventional mannequin imitates the human body from head to toe and is usually made of materials such as resin and plastic. A really cool detail is that it can be found in different sizes! So, there are models for children, others for teenagers, adults, and even pregnant women, the elderly, and people with disabilities. This type of mannequin is often used to display clothes and accessories, such as bags, sneakers, shoes, and socks.

Head Mannequin

Another mannequin widely used in stores is the head mannequin. The polystyrene head is perfect for displaying accessories such as glasses, caps, and scarves. The cool thing is that you can even choose one with holes in the ears to put earrings on or even wigs of all types. It is also worth mentioning that this type of mannequin can also be made of resin, plastic, rubber or PVC.

Bust Mannequin

Now, if your store sells beachwear, lingerie, blouses or very light dresses, it’s worth investing in the bust mannequin. This model goes up to the waist area, more or less, and highlights the upper part of the body. Some types even come with a rotating hook that can be used as a hanger, adding even more practicality and modernity to your store. Oh, and they are also very resistant and made of acrylic.

Mannequin Hand

If you sell jewellery, especially costume jewellery like rings, how about having a mannequin hand to display these accessories? It is usually made of acrylic and has a very beautiful appearance. Not to mention that you can still use all of the doll’s fingers to put on more than one ring. Practical, right? 

Many mannequin hands are colourful and flexible, which is great because they make your store really fun, as the accessory can be in whatever position you want.

Mannequin for Creating Parts

If you create pieces or work with cutting and sewing, the adjustable mannequin is a great option, you know? This model can be adjusted to the height you want and to your exact body measurements. Furthermore, you can even pierce it with pins to help you mark the cut of the clothes. This is because this mannequin is made of resin but covered in foam or fabric.

Other jobs that can be done on this type of mannequin include necklines, collars and sleeves, as well as adjusting trouser hems in a very easy way.

Store Mannequin: What’s the Advantage?

As discussed earlier, store mannequins are ideal for displaying products such as clothes, accessories, and shoes. There are several models to choose from, such as full-body models or models with just the head, bust, or feet. However, some users still doubt whether they should invest in these shop display products. Do you want to see some advantages of investing in mannequins? Come with me, and I’ll tell you!

Show Your Clothes the Right Way

Look, if there’s a really cool benefit of having a mannequin in the store, it’s that it shows how the clothes fit on the body. To do this, you can choose models for each type of person, such as children, adults, the elderly and pregnant women.

Not to mention that a mannequin lets you create cool looks, taking into account fashion trends and attracting more customer attention. Just unleash your imagination and creativity!

Make the Store Fun

Another advantage of investing in the dummy is that it can bring fun to the space where it is fitted. For example, if it’s carnival season, how about having mannequins dressed up in several different wigs and with typical makeup? Another idea is to leave the mannequins in different positions and move some flexible body parts, which is cool for sports stores, for example.

It’s Easy to Use

In addition to the advantages I have mentioned, it’s very easy to use a mannequin. To put on clothes, for example, you just need to dress them as if they were a person, adjusting the pieces you want to show on the body of the accessory.

As said earlier, there are also mannequin hands, which generally come with flexible fingers. With these, you can create symbols with your hands and decorate rings in whatever way you think is coolest and most eye-catching for customers.


Mannequins are a worthy investment as they help light up your store and attract more customers’ attention to what you’re displaying. However, store dummies only become worthy when you buy quality ones. This is why we advise you to shop for this fashion display tool in a reputable shopfitting supplies store like Valentino.