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TamilPrint – Why is It Down and 10 Best Alternatives

Delve into the mystery of TamilPrint, the popular movie download site, and its sudden disappearance & discover alternatives for your movie cravings.

What We’ll Be Covering Today

  • Mysterious Disappearance of TamilPrint
  • Step-by-Step Movie Download Guide
  • The Rise and Fall of TamilPrint
  • Impact on Movie Enthusiasts and Their Emotions
  • 6 Best Alternatives to TamilPrint


TamilPrint has become a household name when it comes to watching and downloading free movies. The problem is that the website has mysteriously disappeared. 

With Google searches related to the website’s disappearances growing, the users are left puzzled. In this article, we delve deep into what Tamilprint is all about, and we explore why the site may have vanished and provide alternative options for the everyday Tamil movie watcher.

How to Download Movies from Tamilprint

Now, assuming that the website is working fine. Let us go through the complete process of downloading your favorite movies from Tamilprint for free. Follow each step carefully, and you will learn how to go through the ads, and then finally land on the downloading link via Tamil print.

Step 1: Go to Tamilpritn.sardse.com, and click on one of the links

Step 1: Go to Tamilpritn.sardse.com, and click on one of the links

Step 2: Click on the movies you want to download. You can also “search”

Step 2: Click on the movies you want to download. You can also “search”
(you can also search for your desired movies)

Step 3: Scroll down and click the file size and quality you want to download

Step 3: Scroll down and click the file size and quality you want to download
(do keep in mind that you will get ads now, so just close the pop-ups and any new tabs that open up throughout the process)

Step 4: Click on Got to Download (again, so many ads)

Click on Got to Download

You have to wait until the link gets clickable. (after it gets, click on it and wait again)

Step 5: Finally, you can see the final stage of the download process, and you can select which server to download from

Finally you can see the final stage of the download process and you can select which server to download from

Again, you will encounter many ads throughout the process. Since the only way of earning for the website developers is via ads, please don’t mind them and hey, the good news is that you get to watch your favorite Tamil movies for free.

The Rise of TamilPrint and Its Sudden Disappearance, Explained

As the name suggests, TamilPrint gained popularity as a hub for downloading the latest Tamil movies and Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It is still famous among users thanks to its user-friendly interface and a vast library of films that make it a go-to source for cinephiles, attracting a significant following.

Today, it is a problem to download Tamil movies because of copyright issues taking down websites. Now, when Tamilprint is sometimes down, the users have found a way to locate its sub-domains (these are domains like tamilprint.com) and other alternatives which we will cover at the end of the article.

The mystery surrounding TamilPrint’s content unavailability leaves us with more questions than answers. While we don’t have any concrete evidence of what the real URL address of Tamilprint is, it’s worth noting that the website goes by Tamilprint or Tamilprint1.

Why TamilPrint Might be Down in Your Country

TamilPrint might be down in India for several reasons; the most common reason why such websites go down is copyright claims and strikes by the owners of the original content or the developers may have just abandoned the website.

We have learned from history that free websites (they mostly contain pirated movies) only run for a short time.

So, let’s take a look at some of the potential reasons why you will not be able to access Tamilprint in your country:

Copyright Violations: TamilPrint hosted and shared movies without proper authorization and copyrights from the original owners, which may be the reason why it is down now. (if it is down)

Anti-Piracy Measures: The Indian government has been actively working to take down pirated content to protect the rights of content creators. This could be the reason why the site is down.

Domain Restrictions: To avoid legal actions, TamilPrint may be changing its domain repeatedly or using sub-domains. (to keep the operations running)

Public Complaints: User complaints and reports about piracy websites can lead to investigations and actions against such sites, and Tamilprint may just be a victim of that.

The Impact on Users

Suddenly, TamilPrint was gone and it’s left thousands of movie lovers looking for other options. The worst part is, they can’t find anything that works as well as the original site.

Well, at least there’s some good news. The internet is a vast place and there are plenty of websites that offer Tamil movies to watch and download for free.

We know that people are frustrated. So we have compiled a list of websites that offer what TamilPrint did and more. Not only are these sites just as good but they also work so you can enjoy your favorite Tamil films on the go without paying anything.

Final Words

In conclusion, the sudden disappearance of TamilPrint has made lots of movie lovers mad. Their favorite source of entertainment is out the window with no warning.

We talked about how this site blew up overnight and then we explored some possible reasons why it’s taken down. Whether it’s copyright or maybe issues with the government, we aren’t sure.

But don’t worry, we put together six alternatives that you’ll like almost as much as TamilPrint. They’re all free too!

6 Best Alternatives to TamilPrint that are Free


Tamilrockers is one of the most famous websites among South Indian cinema fans thanks to its vast collection of Tamil movies and Hollywood series. Some say that it has the biggest collection of Tamil, Hollywood, and Bollywood movies. (more than any other website of its category)


TamilMV is another popular platform for Tamil movie downloads and it provides a diverse selection of films to choose from.


IsaiDub is another famous website for dubbed versions of India’s most famous Tamil/Telugu films; its specialty is Tamil movies and their dubbing to different local languages across India.


Moviezwap also specializes in providing high-quality Tamil and Telugu movies just like Tamilprint, for online streaming and download. We highly recommend this website when Tamilprint is not working.


Moviesda also offers an extensive catalog of Tamil films which makes it a valuable resource for movie lovers all over Asia and Europe. (well, mostly Asia because Tamil movies are the main concern here)


Extramovies is another good Tamilprint alternative that provides a wide range of movies for those seeking free Tamil, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies along with other accessible entertainment options.

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