The Top 2 Tata Hitachi Excavators With Effective Horsepower

The Top 2 Tata Hitachi Excavators With Effective Horsepower

Excavators are one of the most crucial equipment in the infra industry. This is because these machines facilitate digging, grading, demolition, and material handling tasks. Moreover, they are also used for mining purposes. Due to such versatility, it’s immensely in demand within the Indian Construction Industry. As a result, brands like Tata Hitachi constantly come up with innovative excavating models. In this blog, we will enlist the features of the top 2 excavating models of Hyundai.

Featuring Tata Hitachi Ex200LC Super & Tata Hitachi EX 110

Tata Hitachi Ex 200LC Super Excavator 

This excavator from Tata Hitachi comes under one of the best-selling models of 2023. To illustrate, the machine has an operating weight of 20200 kg. Moreover, the model can dig as deep as 6600mm. Additionally, its high-performing engine can generate up to 100 HP. Both these features maximise work output significantly. More importantly, the price range of this excavator begins from Rs 61 Lakhs and goes up to 63 Lakhs. Furthermore, you will get a detailed tata hitachi 210 price list on our website.  

Tata Hitachi’s EX 110 Excavator 

The top excavators of 2023 with high HP include this model for several reasons. Its specifications are noteworthy. For instance, it comes with an operating weight of 11600 Kg and a powerful 75 HP engine. This model boasts a trunk capacity of 250.0 L along with a digging capacity of up to 4720 MM. Moreover, it has a bucket capacity of 0.86 m3. In fact, construction stakeholders can maximise productivity with the 4-cylinder diesel engine and durable hydraulic components. Furthermore, the engine’s design promotes fuel efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. In addition, the operator’s cabin is spacious, and the model is easy to maintain with ground-level access to servicing points.

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